Hippie Jewelry – 10 Online Shops As Tips Of The Editorial Team

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Make love, not war! Yes, it sounds so clear and timeless! This expression has not only become the hallmark of the hippie movement, but has also become the motto for all peace movements and social actions around the world. But not only the pursuit of peace and love has made the”flower children”and the”Summer of Love”popular examples of the young generation of all times. The attractiveness of the hippie concept is also determined by the nature and the consumption critique, which are nowadays particularly topical. At the same time, the hippie movement has a significant influence on the subcultures that arose later in the 1980s and 1990s. The fashion industry has, of course, also made its mark, creating whole collections for women and men. Not only dresses are made in the hippie style, but also chic jewelery and accessories.

Hippy jewelry is often referred to as Boho chic jewelry and not without reason. The joy of color and the laziness of the Bohemian Style Just fit perfectly to the philosophy and philosophy of the hippies. In addition, this style is characterized by charming ethnic patterns and motifs, as well as the rich use of precious stones. The turquoise is particularly popular. On rings, bracelets and necklaces this stone is very often and gladly attached above all in rough form. In general, jewelry in the Boho chic style looks both robust and elegant at the same time. Oriental ornaments and natural motifs are often portrayed, with silver and stainless steel being very popular. Brass and copper come naturally, too, and more recently you can find more and more jewelry from trendy rose gold.

Hippie silver jewelry with turquoise

Hippie jewelery boho chic summer fashion rings arm chains bracelets turquoise silver

In hippie jewelery, the more and more, the better! That’s why you’re not just wearing a brace and a ring by the hand, but a lot of it. Especially in the summer, in combination with ultra-thin lace, linen, coarse knitted tops and worn jeans pants, the jewelry is even more effective.

It is also time to look around for some beautiful hippie jewels, because the summer is already at the door. We’ve already done it and discovered 10 cool online shops, which offer hippie jewelry in a big style. Below you will find these listed. Browse through the rest and find what you are looking for.

Have lots of fun with it! Peace and Happiness!

Worn jeans, fine lace and ethnic jewelry

Hippie jewelry boho chic summer outfit ladies fashion top lace tulle short jeanshose

Colorful fabrics and tendrils are also very distinctive for the hippie style

Hippie jewelry boho chic style colorful trousers necklace

Brass and copper as well as rope and stainless steel are used very often in hippie jewelery

Hippie jewelry boho chic style bracelets necklace rings silver tattoo

Massive silver remains the classic

Hippie jewelry boho chic summer fashion silver bracelet bangle leather
Hippie jewelry indian bracelets arm chains gold stones

10 online shops of our choice:

Cool hippie-style bracelets with Ehno motifs modesanssouci.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic bracelets fashionanssouci

Boho Chic Bracelet Set on www.airberlin-shop.de

Hippie jewelry boho chic bracelet bracelet set airberlin-shop.de

Precious stones and silver hippieinheaven.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic necklace gemstones silver ornaments hippieinheaven

Charming necklace with pearls and rhinestones in boho chic on piperpixie.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic necklace silver necklace pearl stones piperpixie

Hippie silver jewelry silandu.de

Hippie jewelry boho chic rings silver gemstones silandu.de

And if you dream of a fancy hippie-style wedding, look at wirhippies.de

Hippie jewelry boho chic rings silver gold hair jewelry foot chains wirhippies.de

Bohemian style rings and bracelets gypsylovinlight.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic rings strassine gemstones silver bracelets gypsylovinlight

Bracelets made of precious stones and glass shopilovejewelry.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic bracelets arm bracelets shopilovejewelry

Colorful hippie bracelets on melovely.de Find

Hippie jewelry boho chic style bracelets colorful ethno patterns melovely.de

Delicate necklace of pearls and turquoise luulla.com

Hippie jewelry boho chic style necklace turquoise beads luulla

Brass necklace with crystal and dragonfly on top kupferkatze.de

Hippie jewelery boho chic vintageschmuck kupferkatze.de

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