Hokkaido Pumpkin A Fruit With A Triple Benefit

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Hokkaido pumpkin mini

Hokkaido pumpkin and the health

On the German market, many pumpkin varieties are offered between September and February, which are nutrients rich in important for us all. In today’s article will deal with pumpkin a specific variety.

Especially in the cold months you should not avoid eating delicious pumpkin dishes

Hokkaido pumpkin from the top

The Hokkaido pumpkin has an edible Bowl

Hokkaido pumpkin fruits

The Hokkaido pumpkin belongs to the family of giant pumpkins and comes from the Japanese island. This pumpkin is very popular not only because of its health qualities. In contrast to the other varieties of pumpkin this pumpkin is characterized with a very comfortable size. The shell of Hokkaido pumpkin, which can be with cooked and eaten with is more appealing than the size. It combines many of the pumpkins with a sweet taste and soft pulp. The Hokkaidosorte has solid and tasty flesh and can be combined with different flavors, such as z.B potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, ginger, hearty meat, mushrooms, cream, nuts…

The popular pumpkin on the Japanese island has its origin

Hokkaido pumpkin Bush

This type of pumpkin can be combined with all types of winter vegetables

Hokkaido pumpkin carrot

Hokkaido pumpkin and the health

The flesh of the Speisekürbises supplies the body with many important fiber which are necessary not only in the winter. The pumpkin is also low in calories and a fit food for diabetics, for example.

The pulp is low in calories, but rich in fiber and vitamin A

Hokkaido pumpkin disc

The pumpkin strengthens the eyesight

Hokkaido pumpkin close

Pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds represent a class snack roasted. This is a better alternative to chips or other ordinary and not just valuable snacks. The pumpkin seeds improve the mood and strengthen the heart.  Many studies show that consumption of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds can soften even the poor eyesight.

Real treasures for our health into the pumpkin seeds

Hokkaido pumpkin seeds new

Pumpkin oil

The ever popular expectant pumpkin seed oil, which is extracted from the precious pumpkin seeds, has a positive effect on the urinary tract. Women and men suffering will be mitigated by pumpkin seed oil. Raw or roasted the seeds can be eaten also, then have the same effect as in the pumpkin seed oil.

Pumpkin seed oil is there in the health food store or health food store

Hokkaido pumpkin seeds oil new

Hokkaido in the kitchen

Did we make you curious? Then try still that easy to prepare and easy to digest cream of pumpkin soup with toasted nuts and Kürbiskernnöl. This offer completes the topic about this triple healthy vegetables and we wish you a good appetite!

Very easy to prepare, the pumpkin soup warms and keeps healthy

Hokkaido pumpkin dark shell

It is very original, to serve the soup in a hollowed-out pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin soup


400 g Hokkaido pumpkin

2-3 shallots

20 g ginger

600ml vegetable broth

2EL coconut oil

100 g coconut milk

30 g pumpkin seeds

3-4 TBSP pumpkin core oil

Salt and pepper to taste

The Hokkaido pumpkin goes well with fresh kitchen herbs of all kinds

Hokkaido pumpkin dish Basil


The pumpkin, which wash the scallions and the ginger, Peel and chop. Then possibility to evaporate under a minute in the coconut, then pour in the broth and simmer over medium heat 20 minutes. In the meantime, toast the pumpkin seeds in a pan without any fat. Take the finished soup from heat, blend and refine with the coconut milk. Deep dish easily heat and fill with soup. Drizzle with pumpkin seed oil and sprinkle with the crunchy pumpkin seeds. Voila!

To the soup can potatoes, basmati rice or bread offer

Hokkaido pumpkin supper Schmant

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