Humidifier – Small Guide To Good Indoor Air

Surely you know the situation in which you feel uncomfortable at home and do not know the reason for it. It could even happen, you have dry eyes and rough skin. Whether the humidifier is a must for you, we will explain the same. Then ask yourself why this is all. The answer is clear to us – the dry air in your own home. If the air does not contain enough moisture, it may be the cause of other discomforts, including irritating cough and nosebleeds. People who suffer from asthma and or allergies can not stand dry air. You and many others need a humidifier at home. For all those interested, we have summarized this little guide to good indoor air. This article focuses on modern humidifiers, i. Well-designed home appliances that keep the air in the desired values ​​in terms of their humidity.

Modern humidifiers look elegant and are great in every ambience.

Ultrasonic humidifier at home

  • No too dry and no too humid air in the rooms

But what air is good and healthy for me and my family members? Where is the border between dry and damp? In this way, the question of questions can be formulated in terms of room humidification. To answer that, we want to provide specific information.

Medical studies show that most people feel well at between 40% and 60% humidity. The Federal Office of Public Health recommends an air humidity in the rooms between 30% and 50%. The room humidity must never fall below 30, then the air is too dry and can be harmful to health.

The humidifiers are the only purpose to increase the humidity in the room.

Steam from humidifier in front of the window

The optimum room air must not be too humid, that is, values ​​above 50% humidity are not recommended. In too humid air one could get breathing problems, which is unhealthy in any case and should not be allowed. In addition, the high humidity can cause mold growth, which has a very negative effect on the indoor climate. It also amplifies bad rumors and favors their dissemination in the room. In such cases you need one Dehumidifiers As we have reported in another article on our website.

If you are looking for a quality humidifier, you have a lot to think about.

Humidifier spreads steam in the living room

  • With or without humidifier, you can have healthy indoor air?

With intensive heating in winter, it often happens that the air in our apartments and houses is too dry. Especially in the big cities you do not ventilate the rooms enough because the outside air is very dirty. That leads to a low humidity in private and public premises. Of course you need in such cases necessarily a humidifier. But before you decide to buy such a household appliance, you must be well informed about the offer in stores and online. To help you further, let’s just highlight it, there are four different ways to improve indoor air quality. You can choose between evaporator, evaporator, nebulizer or diffuser. All these devices have their pros and cons, so you need expert help to choose the most suitable device for your purpose. Our advice would be to contact a specialist who can advise you really professionally.

If you think the humidifiers always have the same function, you are wrong!

Aroma diffuser on wooden table in the living room

However, if you can not buy a humidifier, you can alternatively ventilate the rooms three to four times a day. Even in winter, open the windows wide to exchange the air at home. Also clean thoroughly and wipe the dust regularly. Follow these tips and you have healthy indoor air at home, even without a modern humidifier. There are also beautiful houseplants that successfully clean the room air and provide good air humidity. Inquire about this alternative, then you always have fresh air at home.

You have to decide for yourself whether you need a humidifier for your home or not.

Hanging chair Dining table Humidifier view outside cozy atmosphere

  • Further practical tips for those who want to buy a humidifier

To help you make the right decision, let us give you some practical tips. They can always be useful.

  • If you decide against a humidifier, you can buy at least one hygrometer. So you always know exactly how high (or low) the room humidity is at home.
  • If you decide to buy a humidifier, then you need to find the right place for the unit at home. Setting it up properly is especially important for the functioning of the device. For example, you have to put a vaporizer to the heater. An evaporator, however, should not be too close to walls and furniture because the water vapor could damage it. A nebulizer on the other hand should be relatively free. This prevents the damp mist from settling on walls and furniture.

Find out about the positioning and functioning of your chosen humidifier model.

Home humidifier in addition to bouquet of domestic interior

  • Be informed in detail about the power consumption and all functions of your chosen model of humidifier by a specialist.
  • Read the instructions carefully and observe the safety instructions. For example, the device must be cleaned carefully and regularly. When cleaning it must be switched off from the mains.
  • Keep in mind even small details and at first glance seemingly unimportant information, so that it does not come to any unpleasant situations.

We hope you stay healthy and feel perfectly at home with or without a humidifier.

In dry room air, you need an effective humidifier.

Ultrasonic humidifier in the house moistening steam

Humidifier modern effectively humidify the room air

Steam from the humidifier in the morning light in the living room

Humidifier modern effectively humidify the room air

Humidifier at home

Setting up the humidifier properly is critical to its proper functioning.

Steam from humidifier at home in the evening in the dark

If you have children at home, the right room humidity is especially important to you.

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Small, but with a big impact.

Aroma oil diffuser and books on the windowsill

Small humidifier very elegantly effective

Aroma oil diffuser in the bathroom

Enjoy in all seasons good and healthy indoor air at home.

Humidifier on the table domestic interior