Hygge Lifestyle And Its Social Aspect

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Hygge is the latest trend in lifestyle. Spatial and leisure activities are now being carried out in more and more families according to the rapidly emerging Danish concept. It is absolutely right, if you mean, hygge Means comfort and cosiness in their own four walls. Yes, but this lifestyle also has a particularly important social aspect, which we will discuss below. Because in our dynamic everyday life and in the negative political events world-wide, every person needs a comfortable retreat, where he is outside the everyday hustle and bustle. There he wants to find more security, calm, inner harmony and balance with himself. Hygge can offer you all this. Certainly due to its precise guidelines and multifunctionality, the Danish lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and is gaining momentum. Even in Germany, Hygge Lifestyle finds more and more lovers and followers.

Hygge is called homely comfort and soulfulness

Hygge cozy sitting in winter at home

Hygge Feeling in friends and family circle

A get-together with friends and family members in a friendly and cozy atmosphere is a basic principle in the Danish concept. First of all, a social endeavor to enjoy the unique Hygge feeling with friends. Such great experiences can be enjoyed at all seasons, but perhaps the long Scandinavian winters are best suited for this.

Outside, the temperatures in the winter months are usually below O degrees C, but inside it is hyggelig!

One likes to sit with friends and family in front of the fireplace, drink gløgg (mulled wine) and enjoy healthy food. The best way to experience this feeling is if you accept this Hygge idea and invite your friends to a round of home. Prepare what is delicious – appetizers, cakes and co., Brew herbal tea and serve other refreshments. Then this round among friends becomes a real experience.

Not only in winter, but also in the summer is a cozy get-together with friends hotly desired

Hygge in summer dinner with friends

Such a small party can also be organized outside in the garden when the weather is nice. Bake something tasty and take it with you to the next garden party. Your friends will definitely appreciate your culinary skills. The typical Hygge feeling Can also be found in nature. Invite your friends to a forest hike, where young and old will find joy in small things. Watch the wild flowers, the colorful butterflies and the endless sky. All this will recharge you with new powers and give you new feelings. This way you can successfully reduce the daily stress of the office and experience many unique moments with your friends outside.

Do not forget to wear suitable clothing and comfortable shoes, as you should not miss out on your comfort. The social aspect of the Hygge Lifestyle is exactly the same – everywhere and every season, you can feel relaxed and happy among friends and family members. Would you like to try it?

Do not stay at home, but go out into the nature and enjoy the little things in life outside

Hygge in the summer dinner in the garden

Take a new hobby or operate your old one

Look for a new hobby, depending on your interests and preferences, which you can also operate at home. In this way, you will engage with something new and motivating for you and will focus and focus your mental energy on it. Turn off the TV, start something new and get to love it. If you are a hobby at home, you would enrich your Hygge moments in your own home. Or would you prefer to practice an old hobby, for which you have not had enough time so far? Crafting, knitting or sewing are just perfect, and that is why these hobbies have gained popularity in recent years.

Learn something new or bring new skills to your little one, relax and find the necessary harmony and inner balance in the circle of your loved ones. But if you want to stay alone from time to time, read a book and enjoy the silence of solitude. In no time you will feel refreshed and ready to forge new plans.

Turn down a gear and enjoy the slow pace without stress!

Hygge feeling in winter at home

Haste makes waste! The well-known principle is announced at Hygge!

We’re always in a hurry, are not we? We always have to be somewhere in a few minutes. Often, we just do not have time, because we can not miss the train, do not want to wait long in the traffic jam, have to attend the next team meeting and so on and so on… Can you go down a gear and go things slower? Try to slow down a bit in your zeal because it always happens like this: after we have already done something, something else will come. There is often no time to think about it, and the high lifesteps are only worried for us at a certain moment in our lives.

To avoid this, the Hygge concept comes to the aid! Now it is announced – lean back and take every moment as it is, without plunging to the next planned. Take the time to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee that you have brewed yourself, still stay ten minutes longer in the bathtub to ensure that the daily stress is fused and indulge in a piece of homemade cake without Which later regret.

Keep the Hygge guidelines in mind and follow them!

Hygge relax in the bathtub

As you have already seen, the social aspect of Hygge’s lifestyle is particularly important. It is against any extravagance or WOW effects. Hygge creates cosiness and calm, serenity and harmony. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that friends and family never want to leave. Do not exaggerate it, it is alien to the Hygge concept. You do not have to serve a 10-course menu when you are with friends. For your parties you do not need to prepare a long drink list. Crucial here is the pleasure of being together, chatting and enjoying themselves. A natural and relaxed way of life according to the Danish model is now announced!

Hot drinks and warm blankets make the winter more comfortable

Hygge comfort at home

Cozy at home and relax

Hygge comfort at home feel

Knitting for leisure time

Hygge lifestyle knit as a hobby
Hygge as a whole life philosophy
Hygge lifestyle enjoy coffee and comfort
To create a hygienic feeling at home
Hygge what is hygge feeling
Hygde style in summer gardenparty organize for family and friends

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