Ideas With A Heart – How One Celebrated Christmas In Grandmas Times

Christmas is coming soon again and we have all come to this indescribable solemn mood, which makes the anticipation for the party even greater. Now it shines and shines everywhere in the shops and offices that Houses and front gardens look inviting and cheerful. But if you find the hustle and bustle too much and you are already tired of long shopping sprees and crowded shopping malls, then follow our advice: step back and discover simpler ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. We have that short and sweet just ideas with heart called, because they combine the classical tradition and simple methods to celebrate the Christmas in the family circle. Immerse yourself in a bygone world when priorities were different and everyday life was going on at a slower pace. At Christmas, one absolutely wanted to give joy and love and did not pay so much attention to beautiful gifts.

How do you like the idea of ​​celebrating the coming Christmas in retro style?

Retro atmosphere Christmas

We’ll show you how to focus on the Christian faith and the contemplation of Christmas without thinking about your credit card. Here you’ll discover what really matters and how to put a happy smile on the faces of your loved ones. Hopefully, you do not think that the next heartfelt ideas are a bit old fashioned and no longer fit into our modern and highly developed technology world.

For you, we have selected the best ideas from grandma’s time and want to present them to you, because this is where the real roots of the Christmas festival are.

Small and larger gifts are simply part of the Christmas tradition

Small and bigger gifts

  • Ideas with a heart: prepare the party wisely

Our grandparents did not want to get into debt and prepared very carefully and thoughtfully for the party. In most cases, you have a limited budget and should always pay in cash. Cash spending helps you to better understand the reality of costs. Instead of constantly accessing the credit card, you can try to buy it again in cash at the store now. Surely you would stop for a moment and think about what you are buying exactly. In this simple way, you focus more on spending and not necessarily buying the first thing that catches your eye. So you will definitely make a better choice when shopping.

Our grandmas have carefully chosen the Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

You can also reduce spending by baking cookies, Christmas cakes and other goodies yourself. On the one hand, they taste excellent, on the other hand, the home-made will not weigh heavily on the family budget before the big festival. So, take out the old cookbooks from grandma’s time and pick the recipes that suit your taste exactly. You will certainly find many of them and you can also try them out with your children. So you pass on the recipe to the next generation and the family tradition of Christmas is well preserved. Does not that remind you of the past when you baked with your grandma as a child?

The pleasure of baking with granny cookies

Ideas with heart

There are many more precious and inexpensive ideas with a heart, but one of them is to decorate the home modestly, that is, just use the Christmas decorations you already have or make something for yourself. For example, collect pine cones during your walk in the park or forest and make a beautiful Christmas wreath out of them. Place a few fir branches in a vase or even in a mason jar and decorate with cranberries and home-made figures. You could also decorate your mantelpiece and let it shine in a new light. endless DIY You can also find ideas with a heart on our website. Let your imagination and creativity into the game and you’ll surely have great ideas and create a fancy Christmas decor in retro style.

Simple and humble, but imaginative, you can also decorate for Christmas today

Decorating ideas with a heart for Christmas

  • Ideas with a granny’s heart: to give pleasure

Our grandparents had much more patience while preparing for Christmas and knew exactly how to give their loved ones much pleasure and showed them limitless love. They spent much more time in the family and with all family members, baking cookies and playing forgotten games in front of the fireplace. The service was a must in every home. It was more on the contemplativeness of the festival and doing good was very important to do. Our grandmothers even made gifts themselves and delighted the little ones. In the house there was always freshly baked bread and delicious biscuits and it smelled of cinnamon and mulled wine. We associate these flavors with Christmas, because they are firmly rooted in tradition, popular culture and in our memories. Dressed in a festive mood and in a good mood, they sat together on Christmas Eve and had many wonderful moments with their grandparents and parents.

Do you like to send classic Christmas cards to friends and relatives?

Ideas with heart Christmas cards

In the time when there were no cell phones and tablets, sent to friends and relatives traditional Christmas Cards , Now we can email or download from the Internet and do not even think about the classic way to send them by post. In grandma’s time it looked different, in many aspects it was more beautiful and romantic!

The good old traditions and the beautiful ideas with heart live on

beautiful ideas with heart

In kindergarten, the little ones are waiting impatiently for Santa Claus and are happy about the Christmas presents

Ideas with heart Santa Claus

  • Ideas with a granny’s grasp time: share the best Christmas moments with friends

We continue the long list of the best ideas with granny’s grief and want to draw your attention to the humanity during the holidays. At that time it was common to share beautiful stories with best friends or good neighbors, to give the others homemade sweets and smile on their faces. Today, this good, old tradition will continue. Many young people like to help the older neighbor to decorate the Christmas tree, bring their loved ones with fragrant cookies and cakes and give others much love and kindness. Yes, because the good traditions and the beautiful ideas with heart live on, they are simply timeless!

Follow our ideas with a heart for Christmas and celebrate in the close family today just as it used to be! Our editorial wishes you a beautiful and contemplative Christmas!

The good Christmas spirit starts with the good Christmas decorations

Ideas with heart good christmas decoration

Surprisingly, you get the most beautiful gifts from grandma

Most beautiful gifts

Simply packed, but lovingly selected and prepared are only Grandma’s gifts

Gifts ideas

The ideas with heart at Christmas are always done with attention to detail…..

Christmas decorations ideas with hearts

According to ancient tradition, the mantelpiece is decorated and awaits the St. Nicholas on the 6th of December

Fireplace mantel decorate old ideas with heart

The classic Christmas decorations from grandma’s time is still popular

Classic Christmas decoration ideas with heart

Celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives at home!

Ideas with heart Christmas