Interesting Facts About Everyday Things And Their Actual Functions

The unexpected function of everyday things

Although many trivial things always find a specific application in our daily lives, we know as much as anything about their actual functions! Although incredibly sounds, but actually! We have already solved the mystery for you and expose you to the encrypted meanings of ordinary everyday objects! Leave in the following lines some stuff shortly introduce us, to which you regularly access, but still never really have thought about their function!

For the role of the small loop on the back of some shirts two possible explanations exist. The first is of course in the eye – this ring-shaped band serves as a handle to hold or hang the appropriate garment on hanger. The second explanation comes from the time the shirt collar are still separate settled in – maybe the loop for easy tightening was thought the tie and collar should prevent creasing? Why do only some shirts have this unique extra? The explanation is pretty romantic – an American student cut off the strap from the shirt himself, after he had found a new friend in the University. But with what aim for? Is of course to differentiate itself from others and to show that he is already forgiven them!

Interesting facts – did you already what the loop on the shirt is actually used?

interesting facts about the everyday things

Maybe to hang the shirts?

interesting facts about the shirts

This gesture is considered a romantic Declaration of love?

eliminate the loop on the shirt

The small hole in the window of the plane is closely connected with the large difference between the inner and outer air pressures. Each window consists of three layers – the hole makes for the Equalization of air pressure between the outer and middle layer of protection. As a result, the lower atmospheric pressure affects 1000 m height only on the exterior, particularly resistive plate.

Interesting facts about the window on the plane

Why is there a hole in the window of the plane

This little hole for the Equalization of air pressure and allows our normal respiration at 1000 m altitude

the hole in the window to the adjustment of the air pressure

The blue side of the erasers should remove ink, while the red portion was used for the redemption of the drawn with pencil? And that should be the only difference between them? HM… Yes! Although you could erase pen with blue half, it is above all intended to be hard and thick sheets of paper. Because it is offset with ground substances such as glass or quartz, you should use them only for stronger paper to avoid damaging the paper surface when erasing.

Interesting facts – the function of the blue side of the erasers

What does the blue half of the erasers

Cooking makes it hard sometimes pretty us, to assess, how many spaghetti correspond to exactly one portion. In your kitchen, it is but a tool to fulfill this effort seed task! Correctly guessed? Yes, exactly! We are talking about the Spaghetti trowel with the hole in the Middle – the hole is actually a dispenser, because exactly one serving fits in here! If they eat the delicious Italian specialities with pleasure, then enjoy delicious spaghetti is still a bowl. According to a study carried out in the last few years, namely, pasta eating makes slim! Well then… Enjoy your meal!

Interesting facts – a hole to measure precisely a portion of spaghetti

interesting facts from the kitchen

already what they knew to this hole needs

The small bag in jeans is intended for carrying a Pocket Watch! The Cowboys needed a safe storage place for their watches, because they should be well protected and at the same time always at hand. Therefore you came up with the idea to sew a small pocket in front in the popular and comfortable jeans. Although the jeans will be no longer only from Cowboys, serves the bag today for various purposes – to the secretion of certain coins aufgeteiten amount, to the custody of Flash memory or tickets, etc.!

Interesting facts – the small pocket front in jeans today different tasks

storage and protection of the small things

Initially it was intended exclusively for the pocket watches of the Cowboys

small bag for Pocket Watch interesting facts

What can be kept in the small pocket of the jeans

In 1991 appeared on the market BICballpoint pen with a hole in the lid! What should the hole are exactly? It took care of the pressure compensation and thus prevented unwanted leakage of the ink. In the first place, the hole unsightly at first sight should save human life but! If the lid is stuck in your throat, this small opening provides you with the vital oxygen! Especially in the adolescents between 6 and 15 years, chewing the “delicious” cover became an unconscious habit. In the period between 2000 and 2010, over 10 000 incidents were announced where people ball point pen, or pencil parts have swallowed!

Interesting facts about the function of the hole in the lid of the ballpoint pen

pen chewing endangered our lives

the little oeffung in the lid