Italian Desserts – Tiramisu And Its Delicious Secrets

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What do you know about the tiramisu?

The classic Italian tiramisu has already blazed the trail to our hearts and enchants everybody with its heavenly taste! Strange is the fact that this masterpiece of Italian cuisine only surfaced in the 20th century in the cookbooks. In his book “Storia della Cucina Italiana” (“history of Italian cuisine”) Massimo Alberini, one of the world’s largest culinary experts claimed that you could call no single tiramisu recipe of the world as bad or faulty.

Italian desserts – the sweet seduction of Italian cuisine

tiramisu Italian desserts

Literally translated tiramisu means me pull up! and eggs, sugar, Mascarpone and strong coffee (Alternatively with shooting to) soaked lady fingers prepared. According to one of the countless legends about the invention of the tiramisu, the dessert was first in Siena in honor of the Tuscan Grand Duke Cosimo III.

de’ Medici – prepared this dessert tasted the statesman so well that she became known since that moment as the soup of the Duke (though she has to do anything with a soup!). In the course of time the dessert gained importance among the courtiers. The rumour about the tasty and insinuating the palate sweet food spread at lightning speed, because thanks to its ingredients the tiramisu earned the reputation of being an Aprodisiakum soon!

“The tiramisu came ten years in Treviso before approximately to the world”

(Quote from an article of the Italian Gourmet Giuseppe Maffioli in 1981)

If we stay on the track of the tiramisu, it leads us to the restaurant Le Beccherie in Treviso – supposedly here was serves the most famous dessert of Italian cuisine for the first time! Here triggered new sensations of taste overwhelmed the visitors to such an extent that the recipe of the special dessert spread rapidly through the whole peninsula.

The inventor of the dessert that has conquered the whole world

inventor tiramisu

Tired and weak after the birth of their son the owner of the restaurant Alba Campeol should recover quickly their forces and vital energy. Her mother-in-law the typical Italian cream prepared for them Sabayon to an old family recipe to – egg yolks mixed with sugar and mascarpone until foamy. The consumption of this sweet mixture actually considered to be a procedure that is very common among the Italians to the strengthening of the human organism. The mother-in-law a SIP added the cream coffee, indeed to Alba to pull up! When Alba was already back to the restaurant, she suggested the chef Roberto Linguanotto, to offer this refreshing dessert to the pep talk to the visitors tired from the busy everyday life. After a short deliberation, this idea has been implemented, the Cook left his own taste but – he put alternating layers of the Savoiardi-soaked in espresso Biscotten and the Sabayon mixed with mascarpone cream together and finally dusted the dessert with cocoa powder!

Of course in Italy, we discover Italian desserts – the best tiramisu in the world!

tiramisu Italian desserts dessert

Enjoy a classic Italian tiramisu is regarded as an unforgettable experience, which gives you some of the best moments in life. With over time tried gourmets worldwide some of the basic ingredients of sweet seduction to change by added berries, lemons, strawberries or other fruits or simply replaced the cheese with yogurt without the cream. With or without culinary innovations irritates the tiramisu again our palates and pulls us into a hospitable and spirited world: Welcome to Italy! Here are our TOP 3 tiramisu champion!

Just pack your bags and go explore the world of the Italian astronomy

Italian dessert tiramisu

In the small coastal town of Vico Equense, near the city of Naples, discover the restaurant Torre del Saracino, whose Executive Chef created a real gastronomic masterpiece from the simplest ingredients years ago! Through the emotions set in when preparing his tiramisu is a long story about the Italian cooking passion and mimics in the best possible manner the local area! Mascarpone from water buffalo milk and similar delicate Espesso in a balanced harmonic ratio make up the character of this dessert!

Torre Saracino – a relaxing atmosphere and excellent food

torre del saracino tasty food

tiramisu italia Italian dsserts

The small candy store Sal de Riso; in the Italian municipality of Tramonti located here find the delicious tiramisu-interpretation of the locals – homemade mascarpone, lemon cream, cream and limoncello-soaked biscotti! A real landmark, where the Italians together intertwine the cooking style for this area and the serenity!

Sal de Riso and the extraordinary interpretation of dessert

sal del riso-Italian desserts

tiramisu lemon

L ‘Asino d’ oro in the Italian capital must have food hotspot is considered a magnet for visitors and culinary! Here, the chef serves tiramisu from slice of sweet bread instead of Biskotti, the mascarpone is replaced with ricotta! Strange or not, but it tastes just as good as the classic version of tiramisu!

An interesting and unusual taste, which is enjoying an increasing interest

tiramisu bread

Italian desserts – can yourself prepare this unique dessert?

tiramisu preparation Italian

You just let yourself be charmed!

tiramisu cakes

Italian desserts – tiramisu can be different ways to serve

tiramisu recipes

tiramisu recipe

Italian dessert tiramisu

Italian desserts – tiramisu ice cream is popular with young and old

tiramisu ice just eat

Italian desserts – tiramisu with Strawberry

Merry tiramisu

In our gallery, you have the opportunity to meet other Italian desserts:

Canollo siciliano is a typical dessert from Sicily – with ricotta-filled Sicilian tubes


Cassata siciliana -a layer cake from Sicily

cassat siciliana

Italian desserts – Budino is pretty much similar to the typical English pudding


Italian desserts – Panna cotta made with whipping cream, sugar and gelatin


Zuccotto originated in Florence


Italian trifle – Zuppa Inglese

Some opinions for the tiramisu comes from Zuppa inglese

zuppa inglese

… and the following photos are only for gourmets:

Italy dessert

lick Italian desserts

Italian desserts tasty foodItalian dessertsItalian desserts

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