Ivy – The Evergreen Medicinal Plant For Healthy Airways

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The evergreen climber and ground coverer, short of the ivy, was crowned in 2010 as the medicinal plant of the year. And not without good reason! The healing properties of this vine plant were still known and appreciated in antiquity. In traditional medicine, the ivy leaves have been used since ancient times, mainly against dry and mucous coughs, colds and bronchitis. They are also supposed to work effectively against gout, gallbladder disease, cancer and burns. An internal and external application is possible.

Surely you wonder at this point, because the ivy is considered a poisonous plant. Yes, this is true, but despite the toxic ingredients, this evergreen perennial has its well-earned place in medicine, homeopathy and folk medicine. In this article, we will look at the healing power of nature and explain the healing properties of ivy. If you are interested, please stay with us and read on!

The ivy is considered a symbol of eternal love and fidelity

Ivy has healing effect when one can use this medicinal plant


Let us first take a look at the history and deal with some facts. The Greek physician Hippocrates estimated the pain-relieving effect of the evergreen plant and used it for the treatment of milkflies, earaches and headaches. In that time past, there were interesting legends and myths that surrounded this vine plant for centuries.

In Tristan and Isolde, the ivy is praised as a symbol of eternal love, fidelity and immortality.

In ancient Egypt, the ivy leaves were associated with immortality and Osiris, the god of the beyond. In ancient Athens, the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, bore an ivy line as did Roman Bacchus. The names of the Greek goddess of fertility Demeter and the forest and shepherd god Pan are also associated with the ivy plant and their healing power and magical effect are praised. From this we can easily conclude that since the ancient age the ivy has been well known and appreciated.

Where and how does the ivy flourish best?

The ivy has the fame to be the best climber and ground coverer. This is a robust and resistant shrub with well-shaped evergreen leaves, which do not wither in the local cold winter. The plant is also known as the single liana in the Central European region, spreads out of the ground and climbs house facades, walls and walls. The best is the ivy in nutrient-rich, calcareous and moist soil. Its growth is much better in shadow than in the bright sun. If you would like to ask for tips for this climbing plant, you can go straight away here And find the necessary info.

The classic among the climbing plants likes to wind around trees

Ivy as a healing plant and decoration in the garden

The healing effect of the ivy

As we have written in the historical overview, people have known the healing effects of the ivy leaves for a long time. Scientifically it has already been demonstrated that these contain saponins, flavonoids, essential oils and polyacetylenes. These ingredients are associated with antiperspirant and antibiotic properties. The berries of the medicinal plant, however, are poisonous, although they have also been used in folk medicine. In the Middle Ages the ivy was used in the form of ointments for wound healing.

Hedera helix has a pain-relieving effect

Ivy in the flower head dekopflanze and medicinal plant

It is interesting to see the effect of the ivy leaves, which are used well against cellulitis. Extracts from the leaves of the medicinal plant effectively counteract water retention in the body and in this way they combat cellulite.

Extract from the ivy leaves can be applied internally and externally

Ivy in the garden and as a healing plant

The application is known for colds and acute cough. In every pharmacy, you can now find drops, cough syrup and lozenges with extract from the ivy leaves, and thus more easily heal a respiratory disease such as chronic bronchitis and asthma. You can also make ivy rests against chicken suckers and successfully fight them.

Drops, cough syrup or lozenges with ivy extract for healthy airways

Ivy climbing plant with healing effect

In the USA the medicinal plant is used much wider. For example, extracts of the ivy leaves are used in various diseases such as gallbladder disease, gout, arthritis, burns and even in cancer healing. This also prevents scarring after injuries and the external application leads to good results in sundand and dross.

In the USA, the ivy is more widely used as a medicinal plant

Ivy in medicine tips and wissenswertes

The healing effect of the ivy can be many-sided

Ivy and its healing effect

Attention! Do not make tea from the dried ivy leaves! Such a tea is offered only in the national medicine because of its strengthening effect.

Extra tip: Before you access ivy products, consult your doctor.

Ask your doctor before deciding on a medical product with extract from the ivy leaves

Ivy in the plant-pot in the garden

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