Kalzium-herbal Sources For Vegan Nutrition

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Kalzium-how get vegetarian enough of this essential mineral nutrient

General properties

Calcium belongs to the Group of important minerals, which are necessary for our skeletal system. The teeth and skeleton are strong and resilient through the intake of this mineral substance. This is also involved on the excitability of nerves and muscles. 99% of calcium in the body is in the bones and 1% per cent is transported through the blood. Blood clotting is possible thanks to the presence of this mineral substance in the human body. This mineral material is also an activator of certain metabolic reactions.

When the waiver on meat and animal food, the body needs a balance at plant level

calcium vegan

The absorption of the calcium in the body is favoured by vitamin D and inhibited by phosphorus. The need for calcium during pregnancy and lactation is increased. A lack of calcium in the growth phase leads to diseases of the skeleton such as rickets and old age – to the bone fragility. The storage of calcium in the age should be created in the early years.

Cabbage, broccoli and turnip greens are among the foods we should eat more often

calcium broccoli

Vegan sources of calcium

There is a trend against the mass production and animal cruelty. Vegans need to clearly expressing their position clear elimination of animal food. But how power vegans whose body with enough calcium, when they completely take milk and cheese out of their menu? We make our looking to plant foods with sufficient calcium content and find some interesting information here.

Beans and legumes should be mandatory for vegans

calcium dried Bohen

Kohl and all its related varieties are useful and beneficial to health particularly in the cold season.

By sugar cane and especially the molasses well recharged the body

calcium cane

Sugar cane and molasses from are very good sources of calcium

The Sesame provides the body with zinc and calcium

calcium Sesame

Beet- in autumn we get rich in minerals much of these vegetables,

The beet has many good qualities, you keep healthy in winter

calcium beet

Corn- soy, oat-, almond milk- natural, vegan and delicious

All types of cabbage are very low in calories and incredibly healthy

calcium Kohl

Generally for vegans, Sesamtahin and toasted sesame seeds Sesame is an important source of minerals.

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice also contains enough of the mineral aggregate

calcium juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice- the useful properties of Orange does not stop at vitamin C.

Eat enough grain

calcium cereal

All varieties of beans are extremely important for a balanced and healthy vegan diet

The taste of the fennel is about weird but its effect on your health there’s nothing like

calcium fennel

The fennel calms and refreshes

There’s not as much currant in Germany. Eat enough blackberries for!

calcium dried beans

Dried fruits are the best source of energy and minerals donate ballast and

calcium fig

dried apricots, figs, dates

Make sure when shopping that are apricots without sulphur

calcium Dried apricots

Artichokes cheer and help with PMS

Bring the artichokes with a Mediterranean touch and many healthy content

calcium artichoke

Amarant- the cereal crop with highest proportion of calcium.

Purpleheart we find on the market in various forms, all of which are suitable

calcium amaranth

The production of almond milk is not exactly easy, but the result is worthwhile in any case

calcium almond milk

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