Lady Gaga Quotes: The 15 Coolest Sayings The Star Has Ever Said Or Posted

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Always different and still fancier and extravagant than before! Pop queen Lady Gaga just manages to attract the attention of the world every time. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta , as the singer is actually called by birth name, was born in 1986 in New York. Apart from pop singer, she is an actress and has not only the Golden Globe, but also the whole six times Grammy Award won. Her international breakthrough came with her debut album The Fame in 2008, followed by five more, no less successful albums and a total of more than 150 million records sold. Often Lady Gaga is compared to Madonna, according to the motto that she wants to revolutionize today’s pop music, as the singer has even admitted.

Although Lady Gaga is simply too controversial and too slanted for many, behind her personality there is a plethora of creativity and inspiration that you will surely feel in the following 15 quotes. Have fun reading!

“To survive, we need imagination. The reality is too complicated otherwise.”

lady gaga ruth hogben photo

“You choose your own beauty. Society can not choose it.”

Lady Gaga beautiful hairstyle and lace dress in black

“You have to be different and unique. You have to shine in your own way.”

lady gaga nicely made-up

“In the end, you’ll never be happy if you can not love yourself.”

Lady Gaga with crazy hairstyle

“Every time I got no answer, I got stronger.”

lady gaga photo black white

“Even if the whole world betrays you, you can still rely on yourself. ”

lady gaga blonde hair and make up

“Fashion and art merge in my body. I do performances, not just music.”

Lady Gaga sings and dances on concert

“Only on stage do I feel alive and free – like a woman.”

lady gaga concert tour 2017

“They laugh at me because I’m different. And I laugh at you because you are all the same.”

Lady Gaga sings on stage

“Forget the hate and the criticism. Live for what you create and die to defend it.”

Lady Gaga practicing black and white photo

“Some women choose to follow men and others to their dreams.”

lady gaga blonde hairstyle nicely made up

“I’m not perfect, but I think imperfection makes me more beautiful.”

Lady Gaga with hat and blond hair

“Do not allow people to dim your glow because it blinds them. Tell them to wear sunglasses!”

lady gaga extravagant star long blonde hair

“Peace does not mean being there where there are no problems, noises or hard work. Peace means to be quiet and balanced in the heart in the midst of all this.”

lady gaga hairstyles blonde hair red lipstick

“Ugly or pretty? Personal taste shows the limitedness of the visible. The line between ugliness and beauty is very thin and lies somewhere else for everyone. In fashion, the ultimate goal is to attract people’s attention, be it through extreme beauty or extreme ugliness. It’s up to us to decide if it works or not.”

lady gaga costume dressed extravagantly

Lady Gaga – an infinite source of inspiration

lady gaga extravagant dress long platinum blonde hair
Lady Gaga Grammy Awards 2010

Lady Gaga is singing with loudspeaker

lady gaga sunglasses golden nails

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