Live Healthy: Simple Tips To Help You Overcome The Side Effect Of Constant Sitting Through Which

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Live healthy – how to overcome the side effects of permanent seating

Health experts compare the long seats with smoking. The bad side effects of two usual habits are quite comparable. Modern man sits on the work before the computer and the TV at home, and so on all the time – during each meal. Between 6 and 8 hours a day, we have little.  So a routine leads to heart problems, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Live healthy – tips for more exercise in the workplace

live healthy tips disadvantages of long sitting

Although you cannot change your working day, all is not lost. If you follow the next tips, you come right with the negative side effects. Live so the following ideas healthier!

Live healthy – a long work day without movement could be very tiring

healthy colleagues live day motion

Planning training or movement during the lunch break

During the workday, you need to find at least 20 minutes for exercise or movement. Maybe is there the possibility during your lunch break? What’s that, to get up early and to exercise before work?

Take a walk at lunch

live healthy more feet to go

Run longer to work

Find a parking lot further away or get off a stop earlier.  So run a bit longer to work, move around and burn calories. So every day live up to the “live healthy” – motto!

Better you park your car as far away from the workplace

live healthy with the car to the graduate

You could go the rest of the distance on foot

healthy living tips more movement on foot during the work day go

Get in the elevator just in case of emergency

All training programs in every gym based on stairs. They have the opportunity to do every day for free, so you don’t miss them! Would rather forego the lift and run up and down the stairs on foot.  Develop a good habit this way to go up the stairs on foot and that will have a very positive effect.

Use the elevator or not?

healthy living tips the elevator less frequently use

Schedule meetings outside of offices

The working meeting outside of the Office are a healthy idea.  You are always connected to a bit more movement and these will then in turn increase your concentration. The effectiveness will be ultimately higher and the time you invested on the way there, will pay off.

Spend some time outdoors

workplace live long healthy sitting more movement

Drink a lot of water

The drinking water has a multiple positive effect. You are less hungry and improves the metabolism. In general feel better mood – something that is also difficult when a static life.

It is healthy to drink plenty of water

healthy living tips workplace drinking more water

Stretching exercises are done every hour in the Office

There are simple stretching exercises can make you even go unnoticed by the others in the Office.  For example, you can stretch your hands or relax the shoulders by certain movements. Company so something at least once an hour.

Don’t forget the small breaks and do a few exercises

healthy living tips workplace healthy habits

Go for a walk

You need to make a phone call? Take the opportunity to walk, rather than to remain immobile in the meantime. Such small habits also have a very positive effect.

Movement is healthy

healthy life long work day does move

What’s more movement when you with the theme? Can healthy life work also quite simple, isn’t it?

Use every opportunity to walk

more movement live healthy tips

You could go on foot to the working area, if you is not particularly

healthy living tips lunch time spend outdoors

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