Lose Weight – Secrets That Lead To The Dream Figure

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The theme of”healthy lifestyle”moves us, it has many different aspects that we are faced with every day. On our website you will find numerous articles about it. We have recently 5 great tricks for healthy food also on vacation. Today we want to deepen the topic of healthy eating and reveal a few secrets that the doctors only reveal to their best friends. In our review today, you will find practical tips from the professionals in terms of healthy weight loss. In the following, we will show you how you can lose weight. These will lead you to your most desired dream figure and make you happy! Stay with us and be surprised!

Control your weight daily!

Check the weight

Healthy eating does not always guarantee healthy weight loss

Healthy slimming is not only based (or not always!) On a healthy diet. There are foods that count you to your healthy diet plan, but they contain many calories. For example, my girlfriend (40 years old) suddenly added 10 kilos and was a bit confused, which led to this overweight.

It consists of a healthy diet and is quite selective in the daily consumed food.

But what did she do wrong? She often prepared muesli at home and added different nuts. This is undoubtedly a tasty snack full of antioxidants, but it can also be very calorie-rich. In addition, the young woman has been eating daily fruits, for example bananas and grapes, which contain a lot of sugar. That is why I suggested that she exchange the muesli for a handful of almonds. These nuts contain less calories, are healthy, but you only need to restrict yourself to about 10 tons a day. Then she should take the bananas from your diet plan and instead eat a handful of berries. These taste good, but do not contain much sugar. Within three months, my girlfriend has lost the 10 kilos of overweight, thanks to the small changes in your nutritional plan.

Muesli, almonds and berries provide a healthy combination that leads to weight loss

Muesli Almonds

Our conclusion: Remember and do not overdo it with the healthy food! Choose healthy products wisely!

Low-carb products contain proteins, give you energy and let the kilos go down

Low Carb Products Fish Poultry Eggs Vegetable Nuts

What could be done against stress eating to lose weight?

Officially 11 percent of the German population suffer from chronic stress. This means that millions of people often get a hot shower or are in a constant appetite. In addition, you do not necessarily eliminate stress by eating sweets. However, you can look for other ways to free yourself from everyday stress. The experts in healthy lifestyle recommend meditation, yoga exercises and jogging. Have you already tasted it? Women are particularly fond of sweets in critical situations. This is due to the stress hormone cortisol, which gives the body signals for the need of glucose. The glucose is then stored by another hormone, insulin, and forms fat deposits, which later become difficult to break down. Ultimately, the stored fat brings the circulation to high speed, which can even be risky to health. Therefore, in such cases, doctors recommend a low-carb diet rather than sweets. This diet is based on low carbohydrate diet, that means you can eat unlimited protein products like poultry, fish and eggs whenever you feel stressed and hungry. However, avoid starchy vegetable varieties and other low-carb products such as avocado and cheese. They also lead to weight gain, and that is against the goal of losing weight.

Women are often under pressure to treat goodies, which is absolutely wrong!

close up of hand holding asking glazed donut

Jog two – three times a week and the overweight disappears by itself!

Jogging healthy lose weight the stress

You can always start anew if you want to lose weight!

Our last tip for healthy weight loss will definitely motivate you to never let your head hang. Yes, it is not always easy to lose fast, safely, healthy and with a lasting effect. You just have to persist your goal persistently and never give up! If something like this happens, you should not forget it, you can always start over again and this time achieve satisfactory results. Your efforts to lose weight and never give up your resolve will definitely pay back. Stay motivated, but do not take too much of your expectations and find out daily about healthy methods of weight loss. No pills, no medical procedures! Only through proper diet plan and clever choice of healthy foods can one get rid of the overweight and regain slowly, but surely, his dream figure. This strengthens your self-esteem and motivates you to continue! But all efforts are worth it!

Healthy eating and healthy weight loss go hand in hand!

healthy eating apples

We wish you endurance in every attempt to lose weight and keep your fingers crossed!

If you are overweight, do not let your head hang, but choose a low-carb diet plan

Low-carb diet plan

You can eat up to 10 almonds a day, but not more!

Almonds one handful per day lose weight healthy

Berries taste good and are healthy!

Berries taste

When the belly fat is gone, your motivation increases!

healthy slimming belly fat away new motivation

Treats are always the purest temptation to lose weight!


Jogging, running and strength training help us to reduce the stress of everyday life and to lose weight

healthy slimming jogging

The first good results will surely motivate you positively!

to lose good results

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