Making A Summer Punch Yourself – 30 Great Ideas

The punch is a great summer temptation. In the original recipe, there is always alcohol and rum or cognac. This drink was invented in the East Indies. It’s the discovery of a local company run by the British. The first documents pointing to the punch come from the year 1632. The name comes from the Indian word for”five”. That’s the number of ingredients it contains, namely alcohol, citrus, sugar, water and spices. The punch can be served warm or chilled.

The pineapple is good and healthy and therefore ideal for the summer punch

make pineapple wonder punch yourself

Varied recipes for punch make the drink suitable for everyone

Nowadays you have over 78 different recipes for punch. So you have a wide choice, no matter what flavor you like. The original recipe contains, as we have already said, alcohol. Punch can traditionally be made with rum or cognac.

But often you also have vodka. For the summer, however, we can be inspired by the fruity notes and other delicious ingredients. For this season we recommend punch cocktails with less alcohol or even those that contain no such. Here are some concrete recipes , Obligatory in this case is the use of fruit juices, which have a slightly bitter taste. Fruit juices have to be in the traditional recipe as well!

Serving in a large bowl bowl corresponds to the tradition and looks classy

make a thin drink punch yourself

The right punch for the perfect occasion

The punch fits very well with summer brunches, but also with great summer parties outside. Of course, this is also the perfect beach drink. This also makes a typical family evening special. The more guests enjoy this drink, the more universal the taste should be. Or you should offer different variants of it. Including, you should preferably offer a measured amount with alcohol and a variant without it. Incidentally, this is a great opportunity that alcohol drinkers and those who do without it can enjoy the same taste!

Although we know the punch as a cocktail, but it can be served differently

make bucket with ice punch yourself

Modern and traditional styles for serving punch

Typical for serving punch are the wide bowl bowls. As you can see from our examples, you can also find other creative ways to offer this seductive drink. That depends very much on the occasion. However, you must keep some rules in mind. On the one hand, you should choose vessels that allow you to see the color and the fruits cut in it. Because the very appearance of this drink is part of the enjoyment. But instead of writing a lot, just take a look at our great examples!

The apples are often a decoration of the punch recipes

Iistee inspiration make a punch yourself

Strawberries and lemons are a great combination for punches

make strawberry idea punch yourself

Maybe you are looking for the next refreshing recipe for your favorite color?

make green idea punch yourself

The grapes are a great decoration and a punch from it can also be great!

make delicious olives punch yourself

Citrus fruits always go well with cocktails!

make delicious orange punch yourself

You can dilute the juice for the punch to your liking

make your own punched lemon

Could you resist this punch seduction?

make your own punch with fruits
Punch yourself making cocktail glasses
punch yourself make three colors

Do you like cherries? From this you can make great alcohol-free Punsche!

Make your own punch thin cherry
Punch yourself make fiery red
punch yourself make yellow and foam
Punch yourself make taste of orange

Punch with mint ice cream? That’s great!

Punch yourself make green drink
Punch yourself make delicious peach

The ice cubes can be a great decoration for the punch!

Punch itself make delicious bump
Punch yourself make delicious red juice
Punch yourself making delicious juice

Punch with coffee flavor? That’s a wonderful idea!

Punch itself make delicious chocolate taste
make your own mint and other refreshing drinks
make your own punch with exotic fruits

With such a punch drink you hardly need another table decoration!

Punch yourself making peach ideas
Punch yourself make pfirschich look
Punch yourself make great lemon

The lemons are almost always a punch decoration

Punch yourself make great drink with lemon

Punch yourself make wonderful strawberries
make tomato idea idea punch yourself
make diluted lemon punch yourself