Moon Phases Understanding And In Accordance With The Nature Of Life

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Moonphases understanding full cycle

Phases of the Moon and our health

We know from ancient sources that you already feel the impact of on human health, the phases of the Moon in ancient times. It is the only natural satellite of the Earth. For this reason, he exerts a strong gravity on our planet. Ebb and flow are some of the tangible and easily recognizable phenomena, which are to be observed in connection therewith.

It is known that the phases of the Moon, especially on women have an important influence

moon phases understanding impact on women

Some prescribe the Vollmond-moon phase magic properties

Moonphases understanding magic

Also, our body consists of water. So, the high tide and low tide happen within our organism. We explain like some examples how this reflects on our everyday lives.

Schematically, the phases of the Moon in something can look like

Moonphases understanding

In all historical periods, there was also a lunar cult

moon phases understanding antiquity

The tone at the new moon

At full and new moon, the gravity that the Moon exerts on the Earth strengthened. This will affect many factors on our Earth. These include humidity, atmospheric pressure, the temperature, the electric and magnetic fields. In these, one observes serious fluctuations. This affects also the human body, its performance and health.

If we know the phases of the Moon, we can understand better some change of mood

moon phases understanding tone

In the stage Vollmond-many people suffer sleep disorders

Moonphases understanding poor sleep

Thus it can be explained easily that it happen at the full moon of evil feelings, nervousness, and you would also feel no energy. The symptoms of many chronic diseases are much stronger.

The Waning Moon is strong or weak on the different types of people

Moonphases understanding mood change


Meanwhile, many diets refers to the lunar calendar. Much easier, at full moon, we liberate ourselves from the accumulated toxins. Also, we burn the fat faster. All diets are more effective at this time. Eat more but at this time, increasing even faster.

A natural phenomenon caused by the influence of the Moon, tide – surge is the event

moon phases understanding low tide

Our sensations and perception are changing at increasing Moon

moon phases understanding effect new moon

New Moon and the vagaries

All phases of the Moon affect our emotions in a way. Most viewed’s full moon. Most people feel tense and nervous. Some people can’t sleep, others are aggressive. Anxiety is running rampant.

It is possible that we be sensitive in different phases of the Moon

Moonphases understanding increasingly impact Moon

Rising moon

In this phase of the Moon we are collecting life energy. All processes are smooth. Can now cut your hair. You will grow faster. During this phase of the Moon, many collect herbs. These were then the most effective. Injuries and OPs are but rather not at this time making.

Do not underestimate the effect of the Moon and learn to understand its stages

Moonphases understand slimming effect Moon

Decreasing Moon

The Waning Moon leads to a reduction of the activities. Hair and nails grow much slower. The skin is very susceptible to unpleasant influences. In emotional terms, but enjoys peace and balance.

The whole of nature responds to the phases of the Moon

Moonphases understanding effect

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