More Sleep In Winter – Tips And Tricks For A Restful Night’s Sleep

Whether we want to accept it or not, time and weather play a crucial role in our lives. They influence our work activities, our feelings and intentions. Even our sleep. Yes, with lack of daylight and in the cold, we feel a greater need for more sleep. Yes, but the reality is a bit different: instead of sleeping longer, many people do not get a proper and restful night’s sleep during the winter months. Why is it so and what could you do about it? In the following, we give you clever tips and tricks on how you can sleep longer at night and start well rested and cheerful in the morning in the new day. Stay tuned and learn more about the topic!

Treat yourself to quiet hours in the evening before falling asleep

More sleep in winter - tips and tricks for a restful night's sleep

Especially in the last few weeks of winter, many people feel totally oppressed by the long and cold season, are constantly tired and impotent. Most of them react nervously in normal everyday situations and quickly get out of balance. The often discussed topic in the circle of friends and family is the Seasonal Affective Disorder ,

Unfortunately! The increased stress factor in the workplace, frustration in the relationship and the many obligations in everyday life affect our usual life rhythm and let the hormones into play. What is the result: many people feel tired during the day and stay awake at night! You do not have a sound night’s sleep and wake up in the morning exhausted rather than recovered. Are you also in this vicious circle?

Can you sleep well at night?

More sleep in the winter

Why is that like that? We all forgot that winter is an enormously calming and very romantic time. Since you can admire snowy mountains and snowy landscapes during the day, enjoy cozy cuddling in the evening with the loved one on the couch in front of the flimmer box or long discussions in convivial round before the crackling fire, with a good bottle of good wine, of course. Career, career success and money are unfortunately very important in our society, so unfortunately simple joie de vivre are in the background. Or many think that they do not have time for it right now. Thanks to our tips for more sleep, you can change many things in your life and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Treat yourself to the night’s sleep you deserve

  • Why do we need more sleep in winter?

The body demands more sleep in the dark season. For example, observe the animals in nature, they enjoy a long hibernation in the dark months! But also humans need more sleep now! The long lack of daylight makes us tired and tired. Because of the darkness, the body starts to release more of the sleep hormone melatonin, so we still do not wake up well in the morning and feel impulsive. We just need the sunshine! Only the natural light stops the production of melatonin and brings us into a balanced sleep-wake rhythm. Our advice is: do not think about the opportunity to organize a light therapy at home for yourself and your loved ones, but take every opportunity to spend as much time as possible outdoors for a longer time each day.

And we want to support this advice on the basis of scientific information: in our closed rooms the lamplight reaches a maximum of 500 lux, on gray winter days it is about 7000 lux outside. We leave that to you! But we are sure that a daily stay outside in the fresh air will do you 100 good!

Every exercise is very useful and healthy.

More outdoor exercise more sleep at night

Sport in the winter keeps you in the best shape!

Sports in winter

  • More exercise and more sleep against the winter blues

The sleep researchers and scientists say the lack of exercise in winter is to blame for our sleep problems in the dark and cold seasons. We agree with them and just say – go for a walk often, even in winter! Every movement in the fresh air is healthy! Do not let the rule, fog and cold stop you, the body needs more exercise and then thanks you for more sleep. Fleet, but relaxing walks in the snow, Nordic walking with a good friend, cycling, jogging and much more can be done in the winter. Every sport activity only does good for body and soul and guarantees you a better night’s sleep!

Jogging in the snow is great fun for many people and keeps them fit and healthy

Jogging in the snow

  • Treat yourself to more inner peace and harmony at home!

Our sleep is known to depend on our emotions and experiences during the day. Therefore, we advise to prepare the body for a restful sleep. Treat yourself to home cosiness and a lot of peace. No quarrels, no stress in the evening! Silent conversations, relaxing moments for two and a light dinner are some of the best restorative practices. Enjoy a glass of wine in front of the crackling log fire and enjoy the togetherness with your partner. Experts advise to take a hot bath before going to bed. This relaxes and does body and soul well. And if you are using it with an aroma therapy or massage essential oils you will really sleep like newborn.

We want to wish that to you! Follow our good tips, because undoubtedly you deserve more sleep in the winter!

A hot bath with bath salts must be at the top of your to-do list

Bath with bath salts

A therapy with essential oils can work wonders – then you feel good and sleep through!

Therapy with essential oils

In the bathtub you can treat yourself to pure relaxation

Relax bath

Take maximum advantage of the few winter suns

Take advantage of little sunshine to do a lot of outdoor walking

And start the new day with a jogging for two in the snow!

Jogging in the snow in a lot of sports in all weather Tips for more sleep

Or walk a lot!

Walk a lot in the snow feeling comfortable sleeping better

Then prepare a hot herbal tea in the warm home

herbal tea

A herbal tea is essential on cold winter days and has a very calming effect

A herbal tea

When it comes to calm and serenity you can switch gears down

Enjoy peace and quiet in your own home

Discover the beauty in the simple things

Log fire in the background

Spend the evening in a friendly atmosphere

Chimney fire sociable round chat for two drink tea

Make yourself at home and enjoy some fruit and a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace

Relax for more sleep