Relax!- How Important Are Actually Breaks And Relaxation For Us?

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relax fully

Finally relax holiday, finally recovery, finally!

How many of us actually make it to recharge the batteries during the holidays and treat yourself to a well deserved rest? In the free time we clean out the basement or the attic, renovate the apartment, to pull… It is true, in a House there to improve something and to do. But you must not forget that even your powers are limited and also you, super hero / super hero need a break and to afford that. We all see it the stress seems a common trend to be. It is now “normal” to have a crowded schedule, to make effective use of every second and to be always busy. So we feel us fully engaged, but get yourself to exhaustion.   They say it so beautifully: “gathers the roast!”

Take every opportunity to relax your body and your mind to relieve

relax water lion

Go as often as possible in the nature and actively perceive this

relax lion waterfall

Cats know exactly how to enjoy the peace and quiet

relax lion cat

The candle soothes and relaxes

relax candles

Aroma lamps and scented baths are the right way to turn off

lion Spa relaxation

It is finally time to realize that breaks are not indecent, and that we can make our work even more effective, and when we are rested. The re relaxation can recharge us with joy and enthusiasm, and we really only need to do.  Something very simple as “nothing to do” still be learned. What is necessary, so that we us relax pur allow? And it’s not even necessary to undertake a long journey. It’s all in our heads.

To allow close in various forms, will help you to relax

relax lion foot massage

Listen to acoustic music or play an instrument itself compensates you

relax lion flute

Fresh herbal cleanse and revive

relax lion tea

In the dark time of year procedures recommended are sauna

relax sauna lion

First, we must learn to listen to the signals of our body. It is easier said than done, I know. The second rule is in no way to plan your free time. Try to be simply spontaneous! Surprise yourself and do what you have not dared to date at last! Rule number three is to feel the enthusiasm in the employment. You are also tired, but also motivated and positive. Treat any form of touch, massage, dance, vocals! Observe nature! Take advantage of your valuable senses and refine that! Learn to enjoy the peace and quiet and to achieve a total relaxation!

Let as many times as it is possible, the soul


Let yourself be pampered

lion relax massage

Use your senses

relax lion smelling

Get to know yourself

relaxation Yoga lion

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