Saffron Having Advantages And Disadvantages Of Red Gold

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Saffron effect – why is this spice priceless?

Already in ancient times, saffron was regarded as luxury spice, which was mainly reserved for the rich and wealthy. The precious spice fabric was a sign of abundance, wealth, and power. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians knew this spice well and have praised it and praising. You had used the Saffron not only as a condiment for delicious food, but also as a remedy in naturopathy. By Saffron you could fight at that time annoying asthma and coughing fits, but also depression, insomnia and stress. Heartburn, stomach cramps, and dry skin are among the complaints, which disappeared as well thanks to saffron.

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The red gold refined dishes and is recognized as a natural remedy

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The Egyptians and the Greeks knew the Spice in ancient and appreciated

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The women have favored the saffron, because he helped against menstrual cramps, for men it was a remedy for premature seeds cast.

In medieval Europe, wars have been fought because of Saffron and the falsification of the Spice was punished with death sentence.

A very long time the Saffron had a price that was sometimes higher than the gold.

Against depression and problems with the reproductive system, Saffron is recommended both sexes

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With saffron, very sophisticated desserts can be prepared

saffron effect of rose and saffron dessert

Today, we appreciate this spice because of its aromatic and health values.  The Saffron contains over 150 essential oils and aromatic compounds that have invigorating and even aphrodisiacal affect on the human organism. With its intense smell, as well as the sweet-bitter, slightly sharp taste of Saffron gives a very special, unique touch the dishes.

The redder the threads, the quality of Saffron

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In all centuries they tried repeatedly to fake saffron and color

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The findings of modern researchers talk a number of advantages to the Saffron.  The spice is to affect positively the nervous system, where it improves the learning and memory ability. Heart and vascular ill effect that regulates the blood pressure also benefit from the Saffron.

The effect of Saffron is tonic and aphrodisiacal

saffron effect cure Federal

Before you take a you should dissolve the Saffron in liquid

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He can count however of good is doing too much and overdosed with the spice, less pleasant consequences. Because what is normal enjoyment as a medicinal plant, causes a poisoning in larger quantities. With a revenue of more than 5 grams, dizziness, nosebleeds occur and in the worst case there may be cancellation of an existing pregnancy. An overdose of 10 grams can be very likely lethal.

Make good on the quality of Saffron and its dosage

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