Schafgarbe-the Useful Medicinal Herb By Achilles

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Yarrow white flowers

Basic knowledge of the care of the Yarrow

The Yarrow is a traditional medicinal plant, which belongs to the family of the Asteraceae. This genus is very diverse. If you want to grow them in your garden, you look at very carefully the leaves. You are the difference between the different types of Yarrow. The breeding of different species of this herb is slightly different.

The herb acts quickly against inflammation

Yarrow fresh flowers

Quite often, this fantastic herb is successfully used for female complaints

Yarrow white sketch

Yarrow with green leaves

The Yarrow with green foliage needs a lot of Sun and good fertilised soil. An exception is the growing approximately greater than Achilleafilipendulina ‘Gold Plate’. It is easy to clean with respect to the Sun. She can also easily grow in partial shade.

Take advantage of sunny places and templates made of natural materials for the drying of medicinal plant

Yarrow drying

Here you can become a scientific picture of the plant

Yarrow of Wissenschafliches lexicon

Yarrow with silver, slightly pungent leaves

There’s a kind of Yarrow with silver, slightly pungent leaves. She also loves the full sun. The soil must be light in this case and well drained. You must refrain from but not necessarily, if you have heavy soil.  Simply, make raised beds.  This piling Earth on the surface and distribute splitter on it.

Plant in the spring. To avoid the risk of damaging the young Yarrow from the winter frost.

Collect herbs away from the cities and main roads

Yarrow white sheets

Of the flowers you can prepare aromatic tea

Yarrow flowers

Renew the plant at least every three years

The renewal of the plant must be done every three years

Remove the Anwüchse from the main plant. Let the approach, which is soon covered by young offspring. Then place them in nursery boxes. You must be filled halfway with gartenbaulichem sand and soil containing compost.

There, the roots grow very quickly within a few months.

Leaves and flowers are processed into ointments

Yarrow loose tea

In this way you can dry the leaves, for example

Yarrow white sheet

Collected is this class herb between June and August

Yarrow of Wissenschafliches image

Individually, plant all roots. Can they Hibernate and insert them in the garden in the spring.

This method of distribution works very well with all kinds of Yarrow.

During the heyday, it collects the best plants

Yarrow of Wissenschafliches sharp image

About 15-20 cm long should be the picked straws of the Yarrow herb

Yarrow white medicinal plant

In sensitive individuals, the herb can lead to unwanted skin incentives

Yarrow surface

Medical use of Yarrow

Achilleamillefolium is used in medicine to stop bleeding and heal wounds. The Latin name of the plant goes back to a legend. According to this, Achilles used their properties to cure the soldiers in his army.

Yarrow can grow alongside other medicinal plants and also on the edge of the vegetable beds.

You can combine with many other varieties.

Pregnant women should refrain from the use of the herb

sheep sheaf of white example

An overdose or an exaggeration with the herb can lead to increased light sensitivity of the eyes

sheep sheaf of white blue background

The Yarrow tea soothes the stomach and helps his hypersensitivity against

sheep sheaf of white plant

The Yarrow acts as an ingredient to the water soothing and healing

sheep sheaf of Wissenschafliches great

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