Shoelaces – Tips And Tricks For Parents Whose Children Learn To Bind Shoes

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To tie the shoestrings. Sounds so simple and works so fast! But many exercises are necessary until it works… Yes, because it is so right: Practice makes perfect! Children disagree! To every little one, the binding of shoes made certain difficulties. Let’s not talk about the shoelaces themselves! Because there are so many methods to tie the shoes! Surely you have not tied your shoes in hand turning from small to alone, right? And we admit: For the toddlers, the shoe binding is a magic trick! Who taught you to learn the techniques of shoe binding? Parents and kindergarten teachers are trying to help small children adapt to this habit.

Children teach how to bind shoes

Lace binding loop types

Shoelaces could actually be described as a peculiar art. The methods by which you can tie your shoes are so varied that there is a suitable binding for every occasion! Should you tie sports and business shoes in the same way? The more conservative the environment is, the easier the binding should be.

Some of the techniques are even complicated for adults, so you should be careful not to expect miracles from children. At least the loop binding could master children. Here comes the question: From when can children’s shoes bind? Or in other words, when should children be taught how to bond their shoes?

Shoes tie and watch are characteristics which little children should undoubtedly be brought to. But children must be interested. The most important thing is to come alone to the desire to bind your shoes yourself! Otherwise the whole pursuit somehow gets lost…

Even at an early age, children have the motor skills to learn to bind shoes

Laces bind bind styles tips and tricks

When do you have to learn how to bind shoes?

Some children learn the shoe binding later than the others. Still at the age of 4-5 years many children can tie a loop, others can still do it with 10 not particularly good. In addition, children need different periods of time before they are skilled in this technique.

Care must be taken to ensure that the great spread of the climbing cloaks has a certain fault that children always acquire the shoe binding technique. Years ago, children had to learn how to bind shoes, because the climbing locks were not yet available. Today children in fact need this property only later. If at all it is necessary to bind shoes. The truth is that fewer and fewer children at an early age are skilful with the tapes.

Is it already time to teach your little one how to bind? Whether your lesson leads to a good result or not, it depends on the right approach. It is best to sit next to the child, because it is difficult for you to learn something mirrored. Often are Playful methods More effective than anything else. You want your little treasure to tie his shoes without thinking, right? Shoelaces are also learned through games. Talking and singing is also easier and more fun.

Laces learn to bind, but playfully

Shoes tie children teaching methods with playing

What methods are there to bind a loop?

The following variants are possible:

  • Hare ears – suitable for small children

First, a normal node is bound

  1. From the one shoelace you put a loop and you hold it tight. Some call it hare or elephant ears
  2. Use the other hand to make another loop
  3. Both loops are then placed on top of each other and knotted
  • tree – this method is often preferred, since tighter loops are bound. It is also faster.

First, a normal node is bound again

  1. First, the left shoelace is tied to a loop and held with the thumb and index finger of the left hand
  2. Then place the other laces around the loop and over the thumb and pointer finger
  3. A second loop is then formed by pushing it with the left thumb
  4. The two loops are fixed

Some of the biodiversity at a glance

The number of pairs of eyelets is decisive for the possible types of bonding.

  • Cross-lacing
  • Diagonal bound

Shoes binding diagonal lacing

  • Leadership

  • Lacing without knots

  • Train Track
  • The checkerboard style

Lace checkerboard style

  • Parallel lacing

In the end, we would advise you: Bring patience to shoe-bonding! Practice makes perfect! The results of your treasure are worth it! Even children will be proud of themselves! Maybe try a new kind of bandage yourself! Laces bind is fun!

Shoes bind learn to teach children

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