Short Trip Amsterdam – The Dutch Capital Has Much To Offer

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Why is May the best time for a short trip to Amsterdam?

Outside, the sun is becoming increasingly hotter and warmer, and now many people are tempted to travel over the weekend and inquire about new places. If you are also part of the group of rice lovers, then we have prepared a very special destination for you: Amsterdam! The Venice of the north is always fascinating every visitor, and always has something interesting to offer to young and old alike.

Amsterdam is a particularly popular destination for the Germans

Short trip amsterdam the capital city of the netherlands

How to get to Amsterdam?

Getting to the Dutch capital is easy. Every trip takes only a few hours and runs smoothly and comfortably. For many tourists the train is and remains the undisputed cheapest means of transport, because of the low-cost offers for short and weekend trips.

This protects your purse and prevents unnecessary jams. However, there are those who love to travel, who want to make their travels more individual, so they prefer the car or bus trip to Amsterdam. And others prefer the short-term flight, which is possible from all German airports. Actually, it is entirely up to you which means of transport you choose for your short trip to Amsterdam. One thing is certain: this will be great and exciting!

Short and comfortable is every trip to Amsterdam

Short trip amsterdam so many possibilities to visit the capital of the netherlands

Why visit Amsterdam in May?

A short trip to Amsterdam in May turns into a real experience in the shortest possible time. At the top of the To-Do list of the many guests of the Dutch capital, there is no doubt a visit to the most famous tulip garden in Holland, Keukenhof , This is actually the largest flower park in the world, where visitors can admire over 7 million flowering onion flowers in the May week, including about 800 tulip varieties. Scented lime trees pave the way through the park and guide the tourists from one attraction to another. Here you will be able to experience unique flower shows, spectacular inspiration gardens and amazing outdoor events. The magnificent flower exhibitions attract visitors like magnets.

Immerse yourself in the colorful flower sea of ​​Keukenhof!

Short trip amsterdam keukenhof visit

The small ones have also been thought of in this flower park, they have petting zoo, maze and playgrounds available. If you want to experience the colorful flowers and the sea in Keukenhof this year, you have to hurry and book tickets because the biggest attraction of Amsterdam is the theme”Dutch Design” Nations opened.

The flower park Keukenhof is worth every visit!

Short trip amsterdam keukenhof beautiful flowers and wonderful color mix

Great program for all cultural friends

The cultural fanatics also have a lot to offer. Here you can return to the”golden era”of the Netherlands, the time of the greatest masterpieces of Dutch artists! The recently restored Rijksmuseum Has reopened its doors for domestic and international guests. The most valuable painting here is Rembrandt’s”Nachtwache”, a work from the year 1642, which inspires all visitors and art critics. The rich collection of museums includes other valuable paintings as well as modern photographs and printing works.

The Rijaksmuseum attracts millions of visitors every year

Visit the amsterdam Rijaksmuseum

The passionate followers of Dutch art are allowed to use the Van Gogh Museum By no means fail, as well as to pay a visit to his former home. The last has now been converted into a museum. Both buildings have remarkable architecture and include the works of the world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh. If you are more interested in contemporary art, we recommend you visit Stedelijk Museum , Here you can view and admire more than 90,000 modern paintings, graphics, photographs, sculptures. A lot is also visited Anne Frank House In Amsterdam, where the diary of the little Jewish girl, which tells of his struggle for survival during the Second World War, is exhibited. His visitors, who are interested in history, still await The Historical Museum In Amsterdam, which gives a deeper insight into the traditions of the country.

During your short trip, however, you must have enough time to visit the museum in Amsterdam

Short trip amsterdam stedelijk museum

The journey on the Amstel is an unforgettable experience

Short trip amsterdam beautiful experiences in the amsterdam have

A canal cruise through the Venice of the North

The famous river, the Amstel, crosses the Dutch capital and is a great attraction during the day and night. Thousands of people start their day with a long walk along the Blackbird. Tourists admire the unique architecture of the patrician houses in Amsterdam’s downtown just from the water. For all Amsterdam guests, who want to see the canals and feel the North Sea breeze, a boat trip through the water channels of the city is a must!

The river once gave the name of the city

Amsterdam visit the river amstel

Where to eat and eat in Amsterdam?

The pearl of the north hides many other sights and nice surprises. Here we want only the familiar Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam Which is often at the center of the visitor’s interest. In an intricate labyrinth of 25 canal houses, the guest finds a successful mix of northern elegance and rural traditions. In the numerous restaurants of the hotel, culinary specialties await their guests. Adventurous and night owls like to meet in the Restaurant Vermeer In the red light district of the city. The fine cuisine spoils the palate and the good wine leaves your soul dangling. You should also visit the restaurant during your short stay in Amsterdam!

Partygoers will get their money’s worth in the Dutch metropolis

Amsterdam visit restaurant vermeer

Last but not least, we would like to give a good tip to all shopping-minded tourists: make a real shopping trip through the city center of Amsterdam and you will never regret it. Here you can easily find everything your heart desires! Make a short trip to Amsterdam today and spend unforgettable days in the Dutch capital!

Amsterdam visit anne frank house
Short trip amsterdam pulitzer hotel
Amsterdam visit the historical museum amsterdam
Short trip amsterdam van gogh museum visit
Short trip amsterdam keukenhof visit the beauty of flowers

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