Smoothies Make You Look Slim And Healthy

Smoothies are currently super trendy drinks, but there are many good reasons for that. First and foremost is their tremendously positive effect on our body and health. That’s why we say short – smoothies make you slim and healthy. They are made only from fresh ingredients, as direct as possible from nature, and provide the organism with the necessary dose of energy, help with the regeneration of the body and support the development and maintenance of the muscles. They work against a range of health problems and can eliminate them. Smoothies perfectly cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. This will soon be written on your face, because the skin shines and shines. That’s why smoothies are still called power drinks and beauty boosters. Just how positively they affect our body and make us slim and healthy, we explain in this article. Stay tuned if we have piqued your interest!

Superfood in a glass! Smoothie from banana and blueberries mixed with some cornflakes

Smoothies make healthy slim from blueberries banana cornflakes

As with any trendy appearance or modern news, the spirits are different in terms of smoothies. The freshly mixed fruit drinks have their passionate followers, but also many opponents who do not accept their health benefits. We belong to the group of proponents and will show you the pros instead of contras below.

The information provided here is not intended to attract you for healthy power drinks. We want to help you better classify the ideas floating around in your head and decide for yourself whether these fruit drinks are good for you or not. We present the benefits of the Superdrinks to convince you of their positive effect on our body. Only then can you make a well-informed decision for or against smoothies yourself.

Temptingly colorful outside, healthy and delicious inside.

Green smoothie in glass made from banana kiwi spinach green apple

  • Why are smoothies healthy?

Smoothies are healthy and you could hardly deny that. These are made from fresh, healthy ingredients and consumed as soon as possible thereafter. Smoothies are also considered vitamin bombs, because when they are cooked, fruits and green vegetables are shredded together in a blender, creating a creamy consistency. Hence the name, from the English word smooth, which means fine, soft, supple in German. The healthy drinks can just as well be prepared in a blender or blender. Important in any preparation method is that the healthy ingredients of the fruits and vegetables used are not lost. But on the contrary! These can be enjoyed in the freshly mixed smoothie in the same concentration as in the products used. Vitamins and phytochemicals are very well preserved during mixing. It is these that strengthen our immune system and therefore improve our overall health.

Fresh ingredients make a healthy drink.

Freshly mixed smoothie banana avocado with yogurt or milk Superfood healthy food

Smoothies are typically vegan depending on their preparation, but may also contain healthy vegetable oils if you add avocado or flaxseed to the drink. In addition, the fruit drinks logically belong to the category of healthy raw food. That means you can take these fruits for your smoothie that really taste good. These can be combined as desired and get the desired taste. For example, if you fancy something sweet, then take a banana and a red apple. Only then can you add leafy greens, such as spinach, lettuce, kale and others. So your smoothie will change color and maybe look green, with a high percentage of green vegetables. So you have a fresh one green smoothie conjured. But green definitely means very healthy, because this drink contains an above-average amount of chlorophyll. This phytochemical should make us healthy and happy and make us look even younger. Great right?

A green smoothie of cucumber, green apples and spinach gives you more vitality

Freshly mixed green smoothie Spinach green apple cucumber oatmeal

  • How do smoothies help you lose extra pounds?

After showing how healthy a smoothie is, let’s take a closer look at the second most important feature of fruit drinks. Freshly mixed smoothies are the ideal way to let the pounds tumble. These healthy drinks are perfect hunger killers and can in principle be consumed at any time of the day. Active athletes mix their fruit drink before or after training, for them there are delicious Fitness smoothies , Other smoothie fans drink their favorite drink for breakfast. This is how they naturally stimulate purification processes in the body. Others prefer to have a healthy drink in between. It would be best if you can replace a meal with a smoothie. This nutritional plan works perfectly and helps you to get rid of extra kilos. Add to the fruit drink also saturating ingredients such as flaxseed, yogurt or protein powder and the weight loss nothing can stand in the way. You will find many more tips and smoothies recipes to purify, lose weight and slim here ,

For in between or instead of a meal?

Banana smoothies with milk in the glass for healthy breakfast

  • Smoothies – ready bought or homemade?

Of course, you can always buy ready-made smoothies in the nearby department store and bring them home with you. These attract the eyes with their bright colors and have very different tastes. The preparation at home is very simple and fast and in no time you have a healthy and low-calorie fruit drinks in the hand. Well, the effort is worth it! Yes, but there is a healthier alternative to the purchased smoothies and these are the homemade ones. It is much more practical to mix your vitamin-rich drink yourself. You can use ingredients that suit your taste. You can also be sure of the quality of the homemade smoothies. On the one hand, you can determine the consistency as desired. On the other hand, the smoothies you make are certainly healthier than the ones you buy. Unfortunately, the latter often contain hidden ingredients such as sugar and flavorings. That is to say, they have more calories than they would like and can not help you much if you want to lose a few pounds.

Our editors hope you enjoy preparing your smoothies and stay fit and healthy!

Making the smoothies is quick and easy if you have a modern blender at home.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies at home prepare blender

Green smoothies are considered super healthy and slim.

Green smoothie in glass of banana Kiwi spinach green apple

This pink smoothie can be prepared and enjoyed with wild cranberries.

Pink smoothie from wild cranberries in a glass of smoothies make you healthy and slim

Proper detox cure with beetroot and chia seeds.

Detox cure with smoothies of red beet with chia seeds in the glass

Does the color remind you of the golden milk? A super healthy smoothie made from pineapple, carrot and banana, flavored with ginger and turmeric.

Very healthy smoothie makes slim pineapple carrot banana with ginger and turmeric

That should be delicious!

Strawberry banana smoothie in the glass makes you slim and healthy

Smoothie made from strawberries and bananas

healthy smoothie Banana Strawberries freshly mixed in the glass

Very tasty! Papaya smoothie, blueberries, pomegranate and dates, nuts and chia seeds

Smoothie healthy delicious papaya granola seeds chia seeds dates blueberries pomegranate

This smoothie will definitely taste great!

Freshly made smoothie from banana milk oatmeal healthy food

Or prefer this with mango and blueberries?

Smoothies prepared in two layers with mango and berries make healthy slim