Sneakers Are Back In Fashion This Year!

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Classical elegance or casual sports optics with an optimal wearing comfort? No problem: sneakers are back! Not that these special sports shoes have ever come out of fashion. This year, however, they are definitely going to see her youngest S, well – earned comeback both on the international scene, as well as in our everyday life.

Sneakers or sneakers?

Where is the difference? Why are both terms always confused in everyday usage? The chic Schleicher have already come from the family of sports shoes, but they have long since disintegrated. With their soft, flexible sole made of leather or rubber, the cool shoes allow for a silky walking, which is more like a cat. For the first time the sneakers were world famous thanks to Hollywood stars like James Dean in the 50’s. Since then, these remarkable leisure shoes have been experiencing new hyps – like this on the hip-hop scene of the 80s.

It is not by chance that sneakers have a high flap. The fire itself is almost always visible. And this is of the utmost importance to most sneaker lovers, as brand names are a must have here. And not only because of the high quality of the product, but above all also regarding the belonging to a certain milieu or a scene.

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Another important difference is that you can not get into the good nightclubs with coarse sneakers and light jeans. Very different with the sneakers! With a trendy, elegant style and chic jeans in dark wash, and of course the appropriate outerwear, you will surely enjoy the club party.

What should you look for when purchasing sneakers?

Apart from the trendy design, a few other aspects are also of fundamental importance when choosing your high-quality sneakers. A healthy shoe climate, optimum damping and comfortable wearing comfort are simply essential and you can not compromise. Therefore, Eg the soles are non-slip, abrasion-resistant, puncture-resistant and waterproof. The so-called”sandwich soles”, like those from Nikes Air Max, consist of several layers and points with first-class impact protection and perfect damping when walking or running.

The materials themselves are no less important. In air circulation, they play a decisive role. For example, For example plastic as an upper material is not really recommendable, because this can not breathe optimally and thus the separate foot welding is hardly transported to the outside. Good shoe manufacturers therefore offer additional insoles for the sneakers and sneakers, which have an antibacterial effect and are to be cultivated in the washing machine.

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In general, the best way to wear sneakers and sneakers in summer is always special, deep-cut socks of cotton or bamboo, which are hidden in the shoe and can not be seen. In addition, it is recommended to use regular foot decks and allow the gym shoes to dry thoroughly after the workout in an airy place with the soles removed.

Extra tip: Do not dry your sneakers or sneakers directly on the heater. In this case, your shoes may be relatively porous due to extreme direct heat and will not provide you with superior wearing comfort.

In leather, material quality and workmanship are no less important. The choice between smooth leather and suede is a matter of taste. Canvas is also quite popular and trendy lately. Although the fabric is tear-resistant and pleasant to wear, it is not suitable for rainy water permeability.

What are the trends 2017?

Of course we would like to take a few words about the latest trends in sneakers. Girls, watched! You can breathe a sigh of relief: Rosa is back! This summer, cool sneakers, such as the ‘Gazelle’ of Adidas in baby pink are very popular. These fit the casual summer outfit and are simply the dream of every fashion-conscious woman, who stands on the comfortable leisure shoes. In general, suede and leather as well as shimmering textures are on the advance and are preferred by many ladies, but also gentlemen.

pink sneakers-velor-adidas gazelle-casual-fashion

Of course, simple white models also remain in. These can be combined with almost anything and are therefore always worn by many sneaker fans. Designers such as Michael Kors or Jil Sander, For example, offer their very specific interpretation of sneakers and adorn them with tulle, pearls or rhinestones, while fashion brands from the higher price segment have even more opulence and refined elements and designs. There is also a clear tendency in general – many world leaders in sneakers present their limited editions on the market, which reinterpret classic sneaker models. In short, it will be exciting again and especially very comfortable and absolutely chic this summer!

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To run other, but you can find your perfect sneakers… online or at your local dealer and enjoy optimal wearing comfort and hip design in one. High-quality sneaker blogs, such as Prince Athletic Will help you with important information and tips about trends and best offers of exclusive brands in terms of sneakers, sneakers as well as sports and streetwear.

Enjoy the rummage and a wonderful summer!

sneakers-adidas gazelle-sport shoes-trends-2017

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