Summer Dresses 2018 – Trends And More Than 60 Great Ideas!

Good news: It’s time for the great summer dresses 2018. And there’s more to tell, and that you can put on many of your already popular models from the past few seasons and make them look modern. With over 60 examples, we provide you with an overview of the current women’s clothing trends for 2018. At the beginning, there are a few models that will be particularly popular with their current cuts and patterns the following summer. Stay tuned and find your personal dream summer dress for 2018!

Colorful summer dresses 2018 are also part of everyday office life

great stripes summer dresses 2018

Fine summer dresses 2018 in business look

You would like the whole thing Summer on the beach or spend somewhere on vacation. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different! We have to spend a lot of time in offices or elsewhere at work. But do not worry: the collections of summer dresses for 2018 offer a variety of official outfits.

They are particularly colorful, romantic and characterized by sheer cuts and wrinkles. Many of these models are just as suitable for official occasions. In combination with other dresses they can also be worn in the transition seasons. Since we are at the official outfits, we would also like to mention the blouse dresses. They are again very popular in 2018.

Currently, the two-piece summer dresses models are still available

great dresses pattern happy summer dresses 2018

White summer dresses 2018

In the summer of 2018 you will see a lot of white summer dresses on the streets. And there is a great variety of such. Normally one chooses completely white models. Some of them also show details in other shades. That’s the case with the black and white model below! These summer dresses are individualized by various accessories: These include romantic and creative flounces or crocheted details. The lace is particularly popular, but it should not cover the clothes completely, but rather an accessory to represent this. Such summer dresses models are suitable for official occasions and dates. The English top is super modern this summer.

Summer dresses Models in white are announced. But you could add colorful details to that

Summer dresses 2018 white and black

Black summer dresses 2018

In addition to the white, of course, the black summer dresses 2018 continue to be very popular. In doing so, we observe that one goes away from the very classical lines. Instead, you opt for much more creative models. For example, it is a pleasure to combine a casual, freer cut with very thin straps, or to use lace in an original way. Three very modern summer dresses in black discover below!

These black summer dresses are very modern in 2018

Summer dresses 2018 ideas in black

Exotic patterns on summer dresses

As in the collections from the previous summer seasons we discover many flower prints among the collections of summer dresses 2018. To make them look outdated, you should select those that have a particularly exotic look. There are just as many other types of prints and patterns on the romantic women’s dresses, and they will all be up to date in the coming weeks until the end of summer 2018. We have many such models that will inspire you! We discover floral prints and other patterns on summer dresses in different sizes.

Exotic patterns are a hot trend

Summer dresses 2018 four short models

Interesting clippings and strapless

Would you like to show something more skin? Of course, you can choose a short summer dress, but it would be much more modern in the summer of 2018 to opt for strapless models. In addition, asymmetrical interesting cutouts, including on the back, are very popular. The asymmetrical cuts are also suitable for the skirts. By the way, under the summer dresses 2018 there are many models in which the lower and the upper part are very clearly separated from each other. They appear like two-piece garments.

Show more skin through interesting back cutouts

Summer dresses 2018 interesting patterns on the back

General tips for wearing summer clothes

So, now we have described the very modern trends, which we consider to be particularly distinctive and important. An even broader overview of this topic, we offer you by displaying the many different models in the pictures in our article. Finally, however, we would like to bring to mind some always-existing tips for wearing summer dresses. Here they are in a nutshell:

Choose underwear in a matching color. Suitable is those in the dress color or those with transparent straps. The latter are practically obligatory for dresses with large back cut. For particularly fine fabrics, do not prefer lace underwear, but rather seamless models. Short reminder also to the rule of thumb at the Selection of accessories : Wear an eye-catching model if the jewelry looks rather subtle or the accessories should correspond with the ornaments of the dress. And vice versa!

Above all, do not forget to wear your favorite summer dresses with a lot of joy, self-confidence and good mood!

Such flower prints summer dresses were up to date last summer. That will not change in 2018 either

Summer Dresses 2018 great pattern

If you choose current patterns, you can put clothes in different lengths

Summer dresses 2018 great blue base

Even more summer splendor in white and neutral

Sommerkleider 2018 great cutouts on the back

Three more summer dresses for 2018

Summer dresses 2018 great and a bit nostalgic

A current long summer dress in modern color

Summer dresses 2018 super elegant in blue gray

Summer dresses made of lace look exotic, so they are very up to date

Summer dresses 2018 knitting ideas for the beach

In the summer of 2018 a lot of attention will be paid to elegant business outfits

Summer dresses 2018 officially in white and beige

… here is still a fitting model of this kind

Summer dresses 2018 only white

Floral prints on summer dresses remain current

Summer dresses 2018 pattern as paint
Summer dresses 2018 pattern in colorful shades
Summer dresses 2018 pattern as accents

This summer dress is modern, especially because it is strapless and in a nice color

Summer dresses 2018 modern blue
Summer dresses 2018 several models
Summer dresses 2018 several ideas with watercolor pattern

Here are some current retro-style models

Summer dresses 2018 casual wider cut
Summer dresses 2018 casual models in beige

Summer dresses 2018 casual in blue

Summer dresses 2018 in the latest colors and with creative details

Summer dresses 2018 short very elegant cuts
Summer dresses 2018 short dresses
Summer dresses 2018 short and romantic

This white summer dress looks modern thanks to the details

Summer dresses 2018 short in white
Summer Dresses 2018 small fruity pattern
Summer dresses 2018 big colorful pattern

Current summer dresses 2018 with stunning exotic prints

Summer dresses 2018 large animal designs
Summer dresses 2018 gray purple blue black
Summer dresses 2018 shiny fabric idea

The top is very current in the summer of 2018, but she should not cover the entire dress

Summer dresses 2018 shiny pieces
Summer dresses 2018 straight semi-formal model
Summer dresses 2018 geometric abstract splendor

A current summer look for 2018

Summer dresses 2018 happy with flowers
Summer dresses 2018 festive white
Summer dresses 2018 thin straps

Another example model for current summer dress with lace

Summer dresses 2018 beige long lace

very elegant cut summer dresses 2018

long and very official summer dresses 2018

Again some current summery prints

long retro romantic summer dresses 2018
green with bright flowers summer dresses 2018
large-scale pattern summer dresses 2018

… and a classic summer dress made of cotton

gray color summer dresses 2018
tied on the back of summer dresses 2018
free shoulder summer dresses 2018

A few ethnically inspired summer dresses 2018

ethnic childrens summer dresses 2018
elegance in blue great summer dresses 2018

Finally – a few models for the office!

elegant cut pink summer dresses 2018
beige mithut summer dresses 2018
watercolor design summer dresses 2018