Sun Hat For Women: This Is 2018 Current!

There are many arguments in favor of buying a new sunhat. You always need one of these in the summer when you have the Health and beauty of your hair want to preserve! With the increasing sunbeams, it is becoming ever more urgent to protect yourself from these. Surely you want to stay young and in good health, right? In addition, you like to dress in the summer very many different outfits. In this sense, a sun hat would always be helpful, so you look modern and elegant. After all, the modern sunhat models are really appealing and original. So it’s really fun to keep an overview! The most exciting trends for us are mentioned below and the rest you see in our picture gallery!

The classic sun hats are here in 2018 and they’ve never had so many”faces”before!

elegant summery sun hat

The classic elegance

Sun hats with a wide brim are classic , These are very often seen in 2018 in combination with original and modern accessories. The contemporary or dramatic appearance is achieved in different ways. This works through the original swing, the oversize, the decorating accessories or ribbons in various modern shades.

The way you combine sun hats and clothing also depends on whether you look modern or more conservative.

Spice up your sun hat with an inscription in contrasting color!

super great sunhat ladies

Funny and subtle individualization

The second and the third example in our article today each include a great and provocative sentence on the hats. This is a trend in fashion and design, which can beautify your sun hat super great. We have already mentioned that you can adapt classic sun huts to the latest trends! The woven inscription on the hat is a possible approach: It should preferably be a contrast between this and the main color of the accessories. Most of the time you decide between classic dark and light shades. But you could also spice up a dark gray or black hat with a bright color. We will also be showing such great examples in the near future.

And another summer hat with a positive message to the world!

Sun hat in front of plants great

Sun hat in seductive natural colors

The Nude trend is nowhere as provocative as on the beach and in summer! It must be ensured that you keep the good taste. And with the accessories you are on the safe side. These would guarantee a meaningful and at the same time stylish appearance. Just as shown in this beautiful photographic illustration! Combine with matching elegant outfit for maximum effect. In this case, one chose sandals with similar color and texture. Such a fabulous idea – why do not you feel the same way?

Nude for summer hats is very attractive and modern at the same time

sunhat picture on the beach

The current neutrals

The sun hat models that interpret classic designs in a modern way are the focus of our article! This is the dominant trend and we want to explain it to the last detail! Here is a very effective example: here we have a classic design with the so popular neutral colors. But one did not opt ​​for any, but for ultramodern neutrals. You see how successful the final result is! Combine with dresses in equally contemporary shades.

If you are looking for neutral colors, then choose the actual ones!

summer hat between pink and beige-resized

Some drama

Do you already have a favorite sun hat? Or several such maybe? Surely your sun hat could look very modern if you simply put it and combine it to make a dramatic appearance. As in this blue outfit! And as in many others, we have to show you below. In addition, you could spice up the old summer hat with a new ribbon or another current accessory. Another simple and successful way for modernization.

The sun hat could be a contrast to the rest of clothing

huge and elegant sun hat

Sporty and retro

Do you miss the sporty and the retro style in our overview? Do not worry: they are also here this season! The biggest and most popular brands have a lot of modern and attractive accessories to offer. The sporty models are mostly neutral in style and show modern yet universal colors. They are thus to combine with many different outfits. The retro sunhat models match official outfits, which are modern yet in some detail correspond to the nostalgic style.

Have you found something for yourself among these ideas and trends? Take a look at the rest of the pictures – they will certainly give you even more inspiration!

Black, white and beige – so universal, so up-to-date, so modern!

sun hat and red shoes - great picture

Sun hats made of straw are almost always up to date in all variants!

summer hat with opening up-resized

The modern look of the sun hat sometimes comes with what it is combined

summery outfit with a sun hat

Would you like to save some stylish summer pictures? Get a dramatic summer hat!

black and white picture with sun hat

Gold in the hat and in the clothes – a great outfit!

Elegant idea with a sun hat

Exotic models of summer hats are still up to date

Elegant lady with a sun hat
lady with sunhat on the bike

In this combination, the summer hat appears very dramatic and therefore up to date!

current sun hat for 2018
straw and striped ribbon summer hat-resized
straw with stripes summer hat-resized

Neutral and classic except for the last detail! That makes this summer hat modern.

Straw with very wide pink ribbon summer hat-resized

summer hat white and denim strip-resized

summer hat watermelon idea-resized

Unisex models can be very provocative as sun hats for ladies

summer hat unisex idea-resized
summer hat great pattern-resized
summer hat straw and black stripes-resized

Something for the retro fans!

summer hat straw and plaid deco-resized

summer hat straw with black stripe-resized

summer hat stripes on floral-resized

Sporty and in modern shades – a super trendy sunhat from J’adior

summer hat athletic jaguar-resized
summer hat semi formal athletic-resized
summer hat black leather-resized

Spice up the old sun hat with a new tassel!

summer hat realistic flower-resized
summer hat normal gray-resized

summer hat with pink deco-resized

summer hat with an inscription-resized

Beige and black – modern classic for 2018 in sun hats and fashion in general

summer hat classic black-resized
summer hat classic design-resized
summer hat classic with noble deco-resized

Denim is a kind of retro. And very suitable for modern summery looks at the same time

summer hat jeans idea-resized

summer hat big floral pattern-resized

summer hat shiny leather-resized

Modern interpretation of a retro sun hat!

summer hat brown ribbon on dots-resized
summer hat brand fila-resized
summer hat blue gray shading

You can use a DIY hat to get a modern hat

black white design summer hat-resized
black and beige summer hat-resized
pink with a rose summer hat-resized

Still a current sporty model

several seasons summer hat-resized

colorful pompoms summer hat-resized

In the right combination, a sunhat can be very topical!

blue with red stripes summer hat-resized