Superfood – Surrounded By Myths And Yet Quite Real

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The modern man nowadays lives dynamically and in many cases stressful. He often feeds unhealthily, takes a little to eat during the day, so as not to lose time at eating. Every well-informed and sufficiently intelligent person knows quite well, this is totally wrong! This is like a devil’s circle from which it would be difficult to get out. If you eat the same way, you only ruin your health. In order to escape the bad consequences of a wrong way of life and to remain in the best form physically and mentally for a long time, you are always looking for new ways to do something good for your health. Therefore, all aspects of healthy lifestyle are discussed a lot. An essential part of this is undoubtedly a healthy diet Superfood and in most cases feels somewhat confused, which is exactly what that means.

Superfood – is there really something like that? Yes, tomatoes, zucchini, green vegetables, avocado and pumpkin grains give a tasty and healthy meal.

Avocado green vegetables

Millions of people around the world are now obsessed with the Superfood idea and only want to consume healthy food. From the large quantity of healthy foods come green leaf vegetables like spinach, southern fruits such as avocado, raw nuts, cocoa beans and exotic Chia seeds. These are attributed to special properties which greatly differentiate them from conventional foods.

The very special superfood is therefore on everyone’s lips. What is meant by this, and why this word is surrounded by so many myths, let us explore the following.

“Your diet shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food.”Hippocrates

Food superfood

  • Popular myths and well-known facts about Superfoods

Since the word Superfood has become very modern, it is often and often used in advertisements, or abused. That is why you have to be thoroughly informed about what belongs to the list of super foods, which nutrients, active substances and vital substances contain the individual products and how far their miracle effect is. Do not you always prefer such ads that show us miracles against stress and depression? Superfoods should be able to cure all diseases – from simple colds to diabetes and Alzheimer’s to cancer. Or they could compensate for any nutrient deficit in the human body. Always pay attention, because there are many pitfalls associated with the highly praised super food.

First, find out about your favorite food!

Avocado Chickpeas Carrots Pumpkin Slices

The fact is that the Superfood provides us with large amounts of healthy nutrients and vital nutrients, definitely much more than the usual foods. That is why the Superfoods are almost unconditionally a part of certain therapies. They are genuine organic products, natural and derived from wild wax. The substances contained therein do well for our health, but they are not medicines. Therefore, they can only accompany a disease treatment and slowly lead to recovery.

Superfood is the food that comes directly from nature

Banana Lemon Chia Seed Strawberry Smoothie

Furthermore, it is often thought that Superfood comes from far away regions of the world and is very expensive. But this is not always true. There are plants of this kind that grow very well in Central Europe and on the Mediterranean coast and are accessible to all. These are, for example, parsley, nettle, dandelion, sauerkraut, barley grass, oregano and many more. You just have to inquire about how to get this Herbs and medicinal plants in their own garden, then they are free for the garden owner!

The following list with the most popular Superfoods products will confirm your conviction, these are not unusual miracles. Superfoods are normal foods and it depends on each of us personally, how he consumes them and his eating habits accordingly.

From ripe fruits and grains you can prepare something very delicious and very healthy


  • The list of the most popular Superfoods

Prepare a fresh salad of green leafy vegetables!

Superfood - surrounded by myths and yet quite real

  1. Green leaf vegetables

When you hear green leafy vegetables, you often think of spinach and chard. But only about 50 kinds of leaf vegetables are known in European cuisine. To name a few, we must mention field salad, quinocarbon, leaves of red beet, kohlrabi and broccoli, and cress. Green leaf vegetables should be an essential part of your diet if you suffer from iron deficiency. It has a healing and vitalizing effect on the body and is good for your health.

Regular avocado consumption decreases cholesterol levels.

Avocado Superfood

  1. avocado and other exotic fruits

Avocado and other exotic fruits are among the most popular foods. For many people, avocado has become an important part of their diet. And not without good reason. The avocado contains healthy vegetable fats and the vitamins A and E. By regularly consuming this exotic fruit you can lower your cholesterol level. It contains many calories and instantly fills. In various salads, as a smootie or snack you can also eat the avocado. Only one fruit is enough to satisfy your hunger.

Chia seeds contain many calories, but are quite healthy superfood

Chia seeds many calories of healthy superfood

  1. Nuts and seeds

Raw nuts and seeds are often called brainfood for clever heads! These contain many nutrients, little water and give you an instant saturation feeling. They support various functions in the body, but are particularly important for thinking. It is amazing that the small Chia seeds are so healthy and give us a lot of strength. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, calcium and iron. Chia or hemp seeds, pumpkin or apricot kernels you have to add for breakfast in the morning and start energetically in the day. A fruit-nut mix, hazelnuts or cashews can be so sandwiched. You work more concentrated and effective.

Smoothies taste delicious, but are healthy and can satisfy every hotter.

Smoothies Superfood

  1. Something sweet maybe?

Do you like to eat? Then the sweet Superfood is just right for you! It tastes delicious, is healthy and makes you fit and slim! Take a pineapple and enjoy this exotic fruit pure, as a smootie or in the cereal. A slice of fresh pineapple in the morning acts against inflammatory processes in the body and is indispensable to constipation. It purifies, detoxifies and helps with losing weight. The coconut is just as useful and healthy as pineapples. It contains vegetable fats and unsaturated fatty acids and serves as an extremely fast energy supplier and favors weight loss! A natural miracle, therefore!

How do you rate the superfood? Do not you think these are old natural products?

Superfood is called everything that is good for health

Superfood healthy food happy long live

With Chia seeds you can prepare many different desserts

Chia seeds

Eat well with Superfood and enjoy a long and happy life!

Superfood - surrounded by myths and yet quite real

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