Tea Time – Drinking Tea In English Style

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Every year on the 21st of April they celebrate the national Tea Day in the UK, then Tea time is really capitalized. It is well known, the British enjoy cozy tea drinking for centuries. The iconic drink looks back on a richer history than wine and beer. For the islanders, tea time is part of the English way of life in the afternoon. That is why today one speaks of English tea culture. Outside of the UK, the tradition of tea drinking is also being cultivated in many other countries around the world with grandly-organized ceremonies. In the past, there were times when individuals teas more valuable than gold. Your healthy effect On human body one knows to appreciate for a long time. Unfortunately, the tea time tradition has lost importance in our modern world. But the tea consumption is growing. Today, the average Briton drinks about 900 cups of tea per year, which is actually admirable.

Tea time in the English way: the fine of the finest!

Tea time in English style. Fine tea service. Beautiful floral design

In this article, we’ll talk a bit more about English tea time. We follow the historical data on the development of the tea industry and the production of fine teaware. In addition, we also show you adorable photo examples of the finest tea services, which of course belong to the English tea culture.

Stay tuned to learn something new about tea drinking in English and get inspired for it.

Simple design, high-quality porcelain!

Tea time in English style tea service in blue

Since when is tea time so popular in the UK?

Let’s take a deeper look into the history of Britain’s beloved drink and explore the origins of English-style tea drinking. Tea is not only a popular beverage in the UK, it also played a big role in the country’s development. Historically, England started to import tea from China in the mid-17th century. Tea time was a symbol of high social status.

Sublime design all in white.

Teaware fine porcelain white raised design

Then the kingdom built up its own tea industry in India, which contributed to the expansion of British rule in this part of the world. In parallel, new industries have developed here in Europe. The British ceramics industry flourished and tea was at the center of this development. The UK is also credited with making some of the world’s most popular tea services, although the British love affair began with fine tea sets with tea sets imported from China.

Fine floral design decorates the skin-thin porcelain.

Teacup fine floral pattern skin-thin porcelain

English production of teaware
A form of imitation porcelain, called cream ware (a cream stoneware), was created in the mid-18th century. It was first refined by Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795), who added kaolinite (a kind of china clay) to the glaze. Even today, a Wedgwood tea set is a favored trademark and, due to its simplicity compared to the then commonly used color glazes, creates great fascination.

The teapots by Josiah Wedgwood are unique.

Teapot Josiah Wedgwood

The simplicity in the design is fascinating.

Art teaware

In 1784, factories across the UK started to focus on making tea. At that time, the industrial revolution was in full swing, government taxes were lowered on tea, and as a result consumption increased. Finally, in 1791, the East India Company (the leading trading company of the British Kingdom) stopped importing Chinese porcelain. This gave British manufacturers the opportunity to improve the English tea-ware production. The English porcelain products for Tea time conquered the leading world market position in the field of teaware.

English porcelain is today the undisputed world market leader in teaware.

Tea time English porcelain

Since the 19th century, the British experiment with innovative tea set design. Especially teapots are often used to demonstrate stubbornness and creativity. These are decorated with figures and floral patterns, even represent entire scenes. Thus, unique sculptural forms were conjured and created true works of art. The fine patterns make the uniqueness of the English tea set. That’s why British teaware, whether old or new, is still sought-after by connoisseurs today and appreciated as a collector’s item.

This teaware provokes fascination.

Tea time in English style tea service

– Practical tips for buying vintage tea sets

To make your tea time really English-style and enjoy the hot drink, you need a high-quality tea set. That’s why we’d like to give you some practical tips on buying vintage tea sets so you can make the best of it when buying a tea set.

Tip1: Only buy what you like and care about. No matter what you collect, the expert advice is always the same: buying for the sake of investment is always a risk. So you only buy pieces that you want to enjoy for years.

Tip 2: Now is a good time to buy. Vintage tea sets are plentiful in the market. As most British productions are now discontinued and ceramic goods are likely to break, the demand for beautiful classic teaware is likely to increase. High-quality tea services will become a rarity in the market in the years to come.

Beautiful English tea service for connoisseurs and collectors.

Beautiful English tea services

Tip 3: This has an impact on the purchase price. If you like a tea set and you want to own it, it may still be worth investing in this product. However, you must not forget that all cracks lower the resale value.

Tip 4: Do not buy what you like at first glance. Some of the most beautiful and valuable teapots and tea services are highly prized for their shape, not just for their decoration.

Now you can admire classic English teacups, pots and whole tea services in our picture gallery. We wish you a lot of fun!

Would you like some tea?

Tea time in English style fine tea set subtle pattern

For tea, tea bread or tea cake is offered.

Tea time in English style

There are no limits to creativity in tea service patterns.

Teaware fine pattern very creatively illustrated horses

Teaware fine pattern very creatively illustrated horses

tea things

Do you also like to drink tea?

Art teacup

Teacakes and biscuits are part of every tea time in English style

Art tea cake biscuits

Pure perfection!

Tea party decoration

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