The Balloon Rides Guarantees You Unforgettable Moments!

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In the middle ages, our ancestors, one day dreamed to float free in the air. Leonardo da Vinci, his years of exploration the bird wings to reproduce incredibly detailed drawings on the paper, and in this way to create the unique concept of the first flight unit (the so-called ornithopter) was able in the 15th century; the dream of the genius came after more than 300 years but ultimately true. The ancestors of the air – the hot-air balloons and airships – found great acclaim throughout Europe in the 18th century. Nowadays, the balloon flight is still considered an exciting adventure for the globetrotting with a penchant for the extreme. This extraordinary aviation causes the release of adrenaline and raises accordingly positive emotions. From the balloon, a spectacular view unfolds – the buildings look like box, the whole landscape is similar to a puzzle! But do you know the story of the balloons and know where to enjoy this unforgettable experience today?

Ballooning – balloon flight knows no bounds

interesting ballooning form

On September 19, 1783, the first hot-air balloon of history in the amount of rose – French physicist Pilatre de Rozier sent three somewhat special passengers into the air: a duck, a rooster and a sheep. Use of the animals, he wanted to perform an experiment and review the impact of flying on the animals.

The first flight was conducted with real people on board two months later by the Montgolfier brothers. Because the French King Louis XVI wanted to accept responsibility for the consequences in an eventuelen accident, he first proposed to the death sentenced prisoners as balloonists in this flight testing. The idea was rejected, the two brothers and the then famous Aristocrat François Laurent of D’arlandes went on Board of the balloons; the balloon stayed for 10 minutes in the air and covered a distance of 2 kilometres.

The hot air balloon has a long history

balonfahren history

The French balloonist Jean-Pierre Blanchard crossed the English Channel first and spread the glory of the new means of transport, also beyond the borders of Europe across – on the 7 January 1793, he organized the first balloon flight in the United States. Soon after the Boll on driving had turned into a habit for the French aristocracy, it turns out, that these enormous machines at the peasants provoked great terror – initially they saw Flying Dragon breathable from the balloons as fire! In 1932, became the Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard with a gas balloon in the stratosphere and set a world record with 16,940 metres, however several times, his balloon altitude record was broken in the next few years. The Frenchman Bertrand Piccard made the first world trip with a balloon – 1999 together with Englishman Brian Jones 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes lasted the entire flight of the Switzerland to Africa.

Is the ballooning a unique experience, but where exactly?

ballooning serengheti

The bird view from the balcony on the cities and beautiful areas guarantees unforgettable moments and brings the whole family closer together. But what are the most exciting places for adventure thus?

Spain and the Pyrenees – the mountain range separates Spain from France and gives you the opportunity to admire not only the mountains, rocks and nature from the top, but to explore a unknown side of the Pyrenees. The mysterious forests, the colourful villages, medieval castles and monastery bring you unknown emotions and let himself after simply not forget!

Cappadocia – Turkey inspires the globetrotting with the Golden Sands of rocky deserts, the canyons and olive Woods: they generate the Gefähl the observer, as if he would be in a surrealist world on a completely different planet!

A unique aviation over Cappadocia

ballofahren kappadokia fly

The city of Temecula, California and the enclosed Valley – more than 35 wineries are waiting for you here! Immediately after the balloon flight, you are invited by the organizers to a wine tasting!
The Serengeti National Park is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The view from above reveals the diversity of rich animal life and gives you the opportunity to fly with the birds and to leave this magical world completely!
Here, you can enjoy a spectacular air balloon show Albuquerque, New Mexico – from 7th until October 15, 2017! Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the international balloon events! Are you brave enough to participate in the festival itself?
In Château d’Oex in the Switzerland is held annually in the second half of January the international hot-air balloon week – the wonderful views of the Alps attracts hundreds of balloonists from around the world, the magnificent and impressive Bollons with different shapes and colors enjoy a fairly large viewing interest. The event is one of the most important and most famous air balloon festivals all over the world!

Come to guest of the international hot-air balloon week in the Alps

ballooning fly Alps

Unfortunately we can’t, to portray all the worth seeing places and major festivals of balloon driving in a single article. Well… The important thing here is, you learned from a somewhat unusual aviation! Left – enough to take courage, to go around the world of flying your own clock is just one you!

Ballooning – an unforgettable experience

ballooning fly

Enjoy the colorful and colorful life completely ballooning-

ballooning interesting fly fun

Immediately after the flight you are invited ballooning – a wine tasting!

Winery ballooning interesting

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