The Countdown Is Running Oktoberfest München 2015-!

Oktoberfest Munich of Ozapfs

The Munich Oktoberfest and its ceremonial opening

Who the opinion is that Germans celebrate properly, who has not heard anything from the October Festival, Carnival or the love parade. The three largest festivals of in Germany enjoy a world fame, recognition and an enviable number of visitors.

In a few days, the world’s largest folk festival begins that is traditionally celebrated in the Bavarian capital Munich. The 19.09-04.10 2015, guests from all over the world, extra traveling to Munich for the Oktoberfest to celebrate together, collect and correctly!

On the first Saturday of the Festival, a ceremony traditionally held

Oktoberfest Munich opening

A procession of owners takes place 200 years, just like then – with horse-drawn wagons

Oktoberfest Munich horse range

The move of the hosts is accompanied by music bands to the marquees

Munich October Festival wind Orchestra opening

A greeting card from ancient times

Oktoberfest Munich Mayor old map

The tankard is a really great souvenirs from the world’s largest folk festival

Oktoberfest Munich tankard

During the Oktoberfest, all hotels are fully booked and if you want to finally be Oktoberfest Munich a part of the Ereignisses-, you should worry much sooner to your accommodation. Why is this Festival so big and so popular? What to expect there, except for a huge celebration?

17.10 1810 Bayern celebrated their first folk festival in the same place on the occasion of their Royal Wedding. That was so beautiful that it became a tradition, which is reviewed each year for 200 years. Nearly 6 million people, among whom come today to the Munich Oktoberfest many celebrities who make the Festival even better known and more attractive.

Pretzel and great weather – this may be a fixed

Oktoberfest Munich pretzel

At the Oktoberfest beer as a measure is sold

Oktoberfest Munich Beer

White sausage with sweet mustard is a traditional dish you should try

Oktoberfest München Weisswurrst with sweet mustard

How does such a Festival?

The official opening held on the first Saturday of the Festival, which begins with a procession of owners. How are early festive decorated horse-drawn carriages of breweries and stretched. Accompanied by brass bands, all owners, bar waiters and waitresses to the marquees are accompanied. There on the Theresienwiese, the procession gathered to bezeugen-the next festive part of opening the tapping.

The Lord Mayor of Munich may pierce the first beer keg

Oktoberfest Munich Mayor stands

Beer first draft with the official opening of the annual Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich Beer tapping

And the party can begin…

Oktoberfest München the first beer

This year starts the Oktoberfest in Munich at the team point to 12 h

Oktoberfest Munich one happy

The tapping

Just in time to 12 h on the first Saturday of the Lord Mayor of Munich the first keg stands on beer. Wait for all guests with voltage, how much beats the Mayor makes until finally the first beer flows. This is done traditionally in the Schottenhamel-tent, where all the guests confirm the Mayor with the words “O ´ taps into is”. After the first beer is given out, 12 Cannon shots that give the signal to the hosts in the remaining marquees, follow that the festive beer must be tapped there. Thus, the annual Festival is officially opened and traditionally the first beer at the Bavarian Minister-President is passed.

Nearly 6 million visitors were registered in recent years, have consumed beer to the 7 million litres

Oktoberfest Munich logo

For 16 days is sung in the marquees, geschunkelt, drank and celebrated

Oktoberfest Munich German drinking songs

Pork chops and sauerkraut, Weisswurst applied by skilled waiters to tables

Oktoberfest Munich runner

The men wear trousers and women – all leather Dirndl

Oktoberfest Munich leather bib

At the Oktoberfest, you learn well how to party correctly

Oktoberfest Munich knuckle

In all marquees, an unforgettable festive mood there is day and night

Oktoberfest München Fetlich celebrate

Celebrities like Thomas Müller, together with his partner, do not miss the celebration

Oktoberfest Munich Thomas Müller

Also Michael Ballack not long remain undetected in a crowd

Oktoberfest Munich Mayor Michael coloring paintcostumes

The Beyern love the tradition and the celebrations. In honor of Ludwig the first and his wife Theresa of Bavaria, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, a solemn procession of costumes was held for the first time in 1835, which is another attraction for visitors to this day within the framework of the October Festival.

The Oktoberfest in Munich is rightly chosen for the biggest public festival in the world

Oktoberfest Munich Großesfestzelt

Outside the tents, watch the parade of costumes in downtown Munich

Oktoberfest Munich costume

Also, you can drive Whirligig

Oktoberfest Munich Kettenkarussel

The roller coaster is one of the popular attractions at the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich coaster

And when the sun goes down, the lights are turned on and the party goes on

Oktoberfest Munich at night