The Jazz Music Is A Universal Language And Knows No Bounds

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The jazz music as an avant-garde lifestyle

“For more than a century are the jazz music thousands of people all over the world the opportunity to express themselves freely through the spirited rhythm and guaranteed them a certain freedom of expression in this sense. Without doubt the jazz is considered a true cultural Ambassador and granted all his important teachings around the world – this music appreciates the diversity and changes, promotes ethics and honesty, expressing innovative ideas a feeling full manner and insists that everyone assumes the responsibility for his own actions. The jazz is a type of music on the human overall development and years of accumulated experience!” In the course of time, the jazz turned into a symbol of freedom in a distinct life style of many artists and intellectuals; the jazz music developed a real cult! All of us lived like in a jazz world, in which all together work and improvise without about to restrict to be ashamed, to follow the own instinct and openly admit his fears.

The origin and development of jazz music through the decades

in 1808, about half a million slaves from Africa to the United States were deported – therefore brought the Africans their traditional folk music, specific dances and distinctive instruments in their new home. In New Orleans, New York and New England regularly musical festivals were held until 1843, where they played typical African melodies – but the monotonous music not corresponded to the European views of harmony and melody.

With the time African-Americans learned how to play the violin, the European actors started at the same time, involving various elements of the African rhythms into their music works and to interweave it. However, the jazz had its actual development and dissemination in the 20-IES and 30-ies. The older generation looked at Jazz initially as an immoral kind of music, and as a result as a danger and threat to the spiritual values and deep in tradition-rooted customs; the jazz was considered a strange musical truck, which originates on the conversations in the brothels was due.

Jazz music was gradually acknowledged in Europe – regardless of origin, religion and skin color were all

Jazz music start today

In the 30-ies of the swing came to the world, at the same time was recognised in Europe for the jazz and won over the course of time more and more important – especially in France and Belgium. Ten years later, a new style of jazz music, the so-called BIBOP distinguished improvisation and abstraction through a touch was created. In the 60-ies and 70-IES is also the Brazilian and Cuban Jazz, Bossa prepared Nova and Samba verschmelzten at that time in the afro Cuban beats into a whole.

Jazz music: back home – the best jazz festivals in the United States

Jazz music of new orelans show

Different jazz festivals take place all over the world annually, throughout the year the United States celebrate the drive and the energy of this music style. From 28 April to 7 may 2017, gather the jazz fans at the birthplace of Jazz – New Orleans, and enjoy a unique musical experience. For the first time, the Festival was held in 1970, his concept has not changed but always still to this day – on more than 12 stages unfold their potential known jazz musicians as well as amateurs, reveal the diversity and dynamics of this type of music and making it accessible to the general public. The rich program includes many styles – pop, rock, Gospel, jazz, R & B, leteinamerikanische, and Caribbean music. It is worthwhile to see the momentum of the largest swing and jazz classics!

One of the greatest jazz singers of all time at the Newport Jazz Festival

Jazz jazz festival newport

From 4 to 6 August 2017, you have the exclusive opportunity to become part of the oldest jazz events in the United States at all! The first-class Jazz at the Newport Jazz Festival can be left to each of the spirited Jazz world. Although the long tradition of this festival has been interrupted a couple of times since 1954 and the show through the decades and has failed, it remains event at the top on the list of jazz festivals worldwide! Here were some of the most famous musicians of in jazz history: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Spectacular jazz events and entertaining Festival are waiting for you in America!

Jazz enjoys a sizable interest in Europe

Jazz music copenhagen festival

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival welcomes you from 7 until 16 July 2017! In the first implementation, Sonny Rollins (an American tenor saxophonist and jazz composer), whose Worte still inspire since 1979 until today the jazz fans played here: “everything could be expressed by the jazz music and improvisation, because this is the highest form of music! The jazz is pretty much similar to the days and the weather forecast. It’s cloudy today, tomorrow the Sun is shining. This is the jazz. You never know what will exactly happen.” Since then, the festival attracts more than 250 000 guests annually and is one of the busiest and most important jazz events in Europe. Dresden charmed the residents and visitors of the city later this year, because the time from November 3 to 12 is here entirely devoted to jazz music. The city invites you to the 17 Jazz event Dresden Jazz days and promises lots of dancing, music and fun with world famous musicians and artists!

If you love jazz music and always love to hear you find the 89, 12159 Berlin’s main street zig zag Jazz Club, its authentic jazz experience (it’s not only the music, but also to the facility) puts you in a magical world. Just come here and enjoy a unique Jazz show!

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival – the whole world is with

play copenhagen jazz music

Jazz music has simply no limits!

Jazz music no limits

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