The Michelin Star – What Have To Do Tire With Food At All?

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The Michelin Guide – a dream for many, which at the same time puts you in fear

“To get most of the stars is not automatically, that you are the best chef. You must have just many restaurants!” The words of Joël Robuchon, the chef in the world (a total of 25 stars), Michelin awarded with the most stars inspire many chefs around the world and give them the drive to fight for the biggest recognition and authority in the hospitality industry. You should meet only a single criterion provided by Michelin in the respective Chef de cuisine and his restaurant are honored through the Star Awards (maximum 3 stars per local) – apart from the style of cooking, the kitchen will include various first-class and perfectly prepared dishes.

Excellent food with a touch of your own interpretation on the part of the chef

michelin star dre guide star

The stars stand for a fine gourmet cuisine and exquisite food – in recent years the inspectors and Chief tester of the Michelin Guide focus exclusively on the food offered, without taking in consideration for the Interior and service quality. The fast food Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong provides the largest evidence – although you can get food here for less than $2, the snack bar clinched their first Michelin star 2009!

We admit it: we all see the excellent Michelin restaurants with new eyes, therefore, considered one of the most important guides of the history of this hotel and restaurant guides and is of primary importance in the field of fine cuisine. Around the globe, many chefs and foodies seek to depend on strong competition to exceed the expectations of the Chief Tester and to write their names in the small red Michelin Buchlein ultimately. Once after it comes to the star, one should always pay attention on the level of service quality and continuously raise this. The high price of Michelin awarded chefs are constantly under pressure, because a possible loss of Star could prove disastrous for your business.

The Michelin star – the story of the brothers Michelin

michelin star brothers inventor

When the brothers André and Édouard Michelin their first guide during the Paris world exhibition in 1900 published, they had aimed to popularize Trailering and quickly bring this to the general public. In this way, they wanted to promote their own products and win the loyalty of their customers. The two industrialists traveled the country to meet the then quite a few car owners personally and to persuade them of the excellent quality of the Michelin tires. During these business trips, they wrote on their experiences and perceptions in a notebook and recorded their impressions of the visited along the way for restaurants and hotels. This vermekten the brothers with a small asterisk, where the food cajoled the palate and the wine tasted best.

The brothers set out on a long way to popularize your company and the Michelin products

michelin tire advertising

At that time there were only about 3 000 cars in France, because driving was wearing a fairly high risk of serious accidents – due to various technical problems of car drivers in most cases failed to reach the final objective. For this reason, collected the Michelins all nütztlichen information which it this way could make use of in a situation, and wrote a small booklet on the paved roads and highways throughout the country. In addition they motorists in this guide the addresses of service stations and garages informed, where you could switch his car tyres. Also, the small book gave detailed information about what rest stops and hotels you could find on the road good food and accommodation.

First, the guide was free to get, from 1920 it should pay for it already. An independent extra dedicated to the best local chapter was founded in 1923. Three years later the star was officially introduced as award of the gourmet restaurants with exquisite cuisine. 1930 added to even the second and third star as a distinguishing criterion of classification with regard to the quality of the services offered.

The evaluation of the restaurants

michelin star dining first class

Anonymous Michelin inspectors visit and evaluate the restaurants according to five different criteria: quality and freshness of the ingredients, proper preparation, personal touch of the corresponding chef, harmony of gustatory connection and consistent quality. A star is a stop for a kitchen full of finesse – worth! Two stars mean a gourmet cuisine – a detour worth! Three stars are awarded only for a really unique cuisine that is worth a trip!

To get the star, any head cook must add something unique, a touch of his own interpretation and inner intuition its food – the Chief Tester search for something spectacular that you simply turned the head in every dish!

To earn a Michelin star, you should prepare original and excellent dishes

adlon michelin star

On the whole, the Michelin Chief Tester measure the degree of service quality of restaurants in 23 countries worldwide and annually publish the current Michelin Guide – newcomers (premises, which have earned the star last year), as well as already crowned restaurants that stopped her high service level in the course of time, are listed here. In Berlin, you will discover 12 one-star restaurants and 7 two star restaurants, there are a total of 10 three-star restaurants nationwide. The Schwarzwaldstube in Beiersbronn was awarded in 1993 for the first time three stars, the quality of services and products of the chef Harald Wohlfahrt enchant the guests here are still to this day and deprive their breath – his restaurant was worshiped a total 25 times with the highest award! In France you can find the most excellent restaurants – 596, 27 of them with three stars!

Michelin star – through the award of the star will be awarded only the finest chefs and their restaurants

michelin star Germany three stars

To earn the Michelin star is considered the greatest recognition in the hospitality industry

michelin star Germany

Michelin star – only for gourmets!

michelin Star food feature

The cuisine in the Michelin star restaurants are delicious, healthy and fine

michelin Star Black Forest

Michelin star – the art of cooking of the best chefs worldwide

michelin star berlin

In the following you will find the two-Michelin-star restaurants in Berlin:

Michelin star – Facil with Michael Kempf as Executive Chef

fácil restaurant berlin michelin star

Fischers Fritz with Chef de cuisine Christian Lohse

michelin star of fischers fritz berlin

Horváth and Sebastian Frank

horvath berlin michelin star

Lorenz Adlon dining room and Hedrik Otto as the master of the kitchen

adlon michelin star

MIchelin star – substance and Daniel Achilles

reinstoff berlin

Michelin star – restaurant Tim Raue

tim raue berlin

Rutz and Marco Müller as chefs here

rutz berlin

Michelin star – Schwarzwaldstube in Beiersbronn

michelin star Schwarzwaldstube

Harald Wohlfahrt holds the record for the most Michelin stars in Germany

black whale room michelin star Cook

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