The Rich Flora And Fauna In The Amazon Rain Forest!

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Come and join us by the unknown Amazon rain forest

The Amazon rain forest attracts every year thousands more adventurous with a penchant for the extreme – as his greatest part are still of a mysterious secret is wrapped, the jungle to explore its unknown corners beckons! Although the tropical forests occupy only about 6% of the Earth’s surface, the rain forest more than half is home of all plants and animals of the world! In the exotic atmosphere of the Amazonian rainforest, diving courageously!

Some interesting facts about the rainforest

Amazon rainforest nature

The lush vegetation allows so little light, it’s during the day almost dark under the leaves of the large trees – if it starts to rain, you go ten minutes until the first drops reach! Based on different jungle discovered herbal extracts many of today’s vital medicines are made.

Over 3000 varieties of fruit are grown here, only 200 of them are widespread but throughout the world and are consumed daily by people around the globe. Numerous hypotheses after about 50 tribes inhabit the rain forest – surprisingly most of them are never entered in contact with the rest of the world!

Amazon rainforest – the loudest inhabitants

Toucan bird

Yet the green lung of the Earth, called the tropical forests as more than 20% of oxygen on our planet produce! The Toucan is regarded as the loudest bird here – his noisy chirping can be heard a kilometers! The Mohr Caiman, Jaguar, Puma and the large Anaconda are among the largest and most dangerous predators!

The rich animal world here needs our help and support to survive

Amazon rain forest tiger

Amazon rainforest – you have the option to get the amazing animals!

Amazon rainforest jaguar

Every day approximately 137 living being as a result of human activities to life come – impact emanating from human and risks to the natural environment have adverse long-term effects on the fauna and flora! If you continue to aggressively and pointlessly destroyed the Amazon rain forest, the jungle of danger is exposed to disappear completely in the next forty years!

What a life lead the natives in the Amazon rainforest?

amazon rainforest indigenous

Nowadays, the locals build their traditional houses after the Customs rooted deeply in their traditions and customs. The huts made of chopped-off branches with roofs of palm leaves protect their residents from the annual flooding and threatening animals.

The tribal groups dress up and decorate their bodies and faces in a way typical for you – the men and women wear a scarf around the waist or short knitted skirts either, while the children are naked. Some of the locals can Pierce a nose or ear piercing to wear earrings, straws, bird bones, or even feathers! Others filing down the teeth! Many to remove hair from the body and tattooed afterwards.

Amazon rain forest tribe

The French photographer and street artist Philippe Echaroux wanted to attract social attention on the Amazon rainforest and therefore realized a slightly unusual and pretty interesting project. By using a light projector he gave again enlarged the faces of locals in the sky and on the surrounding trees, vividly represent the close connection between the people and the flora and fauna in this manner.

The projection of the faces of the Surui-tribe members calls on us to take more account of the problems of tropical forests and the necessary measures against cutting down as soon as possible to take! The tribe has been victim of massive deforestation of the rain forest in recent years, life here is directly affected by the destruction of the deposit from Prospector. Echarouxs words stress the importance of his project and kept in our memory long ago: “to kill a man is to cut down a tree equal!”

Amazon rainforest – the stunning photo project of the French street artist

amazon faces

amazon rain forest faces

A prompt worldwide–touching the deepest human mind means that we support the destruction and deforestation of the rain forest

amazon rain forest tribe faces

Photo project rainforest

We are involved, and must take account of the problem immediately!

amazon faces


The lives of many people depends on us – our actions are required!

tribe faces rainforest

In the following, you have the opportunity to admire the rich flora and fauna in the Amazon rain forest!

Amazon rain forest monkeys

Amazon rainforest

Amazon rainforest papagai

Amazon rain forest bird

Amazon rainforest forest

Wildlife rainforest

Toucan rainforest

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