The Role Of The Iberian And Serrano Ham In Spanish Gastronomy

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The Spanish cured ham or known as Jamón Serrano

That one of the first films that brought the well-rehearsed tandem Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem on the Leihnwand together, is called “Jamón Jamón”, is not a pure coincidence. The story not only about the passionate love of the two protagonists, but also about the secrets of Spanish cuisine, gastronomic culture and true cooking passion of the Spaniards. On the menu of any snack bar in this country, one discovers the Serrano ham as a delicious typical speciality, in Madrid was build even a whole Museum of this Delicatessen! Without this deli hams from white pigs meat, Spanish cuisine would have long since lost their unique charm! Unlike other typical on the Iberian Peninsula food, whose cooking various cooking styles from the old world and North Africa together intertwine, the Jamón is a real Spanish delicacy!

Serrano ham and Iberian ham – the highlight of the Spanish gastronomy

serrano ham

In the commercial, two different variants of Spanish ham can be purchased – Jamón Iberico and Jamón Serrano. Thanks to its unique taste, the Serrano ham has turned in over time in a deli popular with Spaniards. This ham is similar to the Italian prosciutto in his taste, as well as in its manufacturing process.

On the market, you can throughout the year at a pretty reasonable price will find the delicacy and consume at any time of day.

Jamón Iberico on the other hand is a much more expensive speciality, whose consumption enjoy the locals mainly at religious festivals. The Iberian ham comes from dark-skinned pigs that are fed in the course of 12 months consistently only with acorns. The pigs must move continuously while they graze on the pasture. No excess fat in the neck area is stored in this manner, but the appendage reaches all muscles throughout the body: the fat is the taste and it is by the gourmets as pleasantly perceived, solage is not too strong.

The Iberian ham is a delight for all the senses!

wine ham

Send you should let the rub and then depending on the grades between 12 and 38 months ripen and dry salt, to secure the highest quality of the product. The ersklassige Jamón can be easily seen in its distinctive spicy scent and is a real treat for the eyes as well as for all other senses! You should serve the Ham with a glass of red wine or dry sherry. One is to cut it into wafer-thin slices to breathe the scent properly, and then simply melt the flesh in the mouth!

The health-giving properties of Spanish ham

serreno ham recipes

Both ham as also the Iberian ham the Serrano are quite rich in vitamins A, E and fatty acids, which regulate cholesterol levels. The Jamón contains many amino acids, iron and zinc in addition, its salt content is within the reasonable limits between 6 and 8%. This deli promotes the regeneration and wound healing and slows aging. A high blood pressure or digestive problems, you should but rather forgo the ham! In addition, the ham consumption at Arterosklerose is strictly prohibited!

In the Iberian ham, the researchers recently discovered the natural components of surrounding Amin taste. While this sensation of the sense of taste can be not formuliren, it can be described as slightly fleshy, spicy and pretty tasty.

Serrano ham – this Delicatessen are found in every Spanish snack bar at a pretty reasonable price

serreno ham snack-bar

Serrano ham – Jamón can be perfectly combined with melon and other fruits

serreno ham healthy

The Iberian ham is a real delicacy

iberiko ham

Serrano ham – a typical intermediate food in the Mediterranean

serreno ham tasty

In Madrid, one discovers the ham Museum

sereno ham museum

Eat healthy and delicious Serrano ham-

serrano ham hamon

You should cut the ham into very thin slices

serrano ham masterserreno ham cutserreno ham

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