To Be Happy Or What Is The Feel Good Formula For Happiness?

We are all born on this earth to be happy and to make our loved ones happy. The need for happiness is innate to us humans. Every day we strive to do good deeds and lead a satisfying life. However, you still do not know what it means to be happy! Everyone wants to be happy, but can hardly express or summarize their feelings of happiness.

Being happy in life – that has proven to be a big mystery.

To be happy in life

  • Everyone has always wanted to be happy

Over many centuries, the feeling of happiness was always different and in most cases individually formulated. Socrates is said to have said: The true happiness is to do good. Erich Fromm describes it as”not a gift of the gods, but the fruit of inner attitude”.

For Wilhelm Busch”happiness often comes from attention in small things, misfortune often from neglecting little things”. If we continue with happiness quotes, you will soon realize that this strange feeling of being happy is not easy to express. From time immemorial philosophers and artists, famous people and ordinary people have tried to express happiness and to unravel the mystery of a happy existence. Unfortunately, none succeeded, at least until now.

Good family relationships make us happy!

To be happy. To start a family. Children have educated them

  • Successful attempt to express human happiness through a formula

Now a man claims to have solved the riddle and discovered the formula of happiness. The research on what makes people happy has the prestigious professor Dr. Todd Kashdan prompted to develop his Feel Good Formula for Happiness. He formulates six factors that he believes are necessary components of happiness. When put together in the right combination, they make people happy. In his formula for being happy, Prof. dr. Todd Kashdan highlighted the psychological wellbeing as the most important factor of happiness. It is present in many aspects of life and areas, including professional success, personal relationships, life satisfaction and health.

What exactly means to be happy?

To be happy as a child play with friends

Todd Kashdan Feel good Formula for Happiness looks like:

(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)

What does that mean, we try to explain in the following.

M Live in the moment – live here and now, live the moment! For happiness, there is no yesterday and no tomorrow, only the moment is important in which we feel happy. Appreciate the sounds, scents, and sights that you take for granted everyday. Remember it and just try to do it every hour.

Live in the moment!

To be happy right now

C Be curious – be curious! Once a day, explore the unknown, mysterious, complex and uncertain aspects of our world. So you discover many new things that you did not know until now and that deserve your interest.

Being happy means learning something new about the world every day!

Be happy to learn something new about the world of reading

L Do something you love – do something you enjoy! If there is something that provides the framework for a happy life, then it is the presence of activities that are important and emotional to us. This means that our daily routines also make us happy and happy when we always follow them with love. For example, at work and at sports.

A routine can be followed while exercising and feeling happy.

Follow the routine of doing sports. Being happy

T Think of others first – think of other people first, not yourself! Compliment your friends and loved ones, do a good deed and learn to listen properly. Do not do this intuitively, but consciously. Many still believe that every person has to love himself before he can love others. Science has found that this is wrong. For example, try to be nice to other people five times a day. You soon realize that it’s good for you to make someone feel good around you.

With nice people you can discover happiness in the smallest things.

Be happy with nice people having fun discovering happiness

N Nurture relationships – you have to maintain good relationships! Give your partner, friend or family member as much time as possible. Show him at least twice a day that you appreciate and love him. Scientifically, it has already been proven that it makes us happy when we observe happy people around us. Build close and serious relationships with another person and continue to nurture them.

Love and good family and partner relationships must be kept for life.

Love good relationships to be happy for life

B Take care of your body – take care of your body! This is not about how you lose your bodyfat or that you can not get rid of a few unwanted pounds. You also do not need to go to the gym every day to train a lot and strong. To properly care for your body, you need to have healthy nutrition three times a day and exercise for 30 minutes daily.

The daily training in the gym helps us to stay healthy and in the best shape.

Be happy in the gym daily exercise to stay healthy in best shape

Keep these important aspects of the luck formula and do not forget that they have to be in a certain relationship to work well together. That’s why you have to look at the above equation of happiness again. Maybe tomorrow you still want to try to change something in your life and rethink your way of life. So you’re definitely making an important step to be happy!

Being happy also means discovering the beauty and freedom of nature.

Happy to discover beauty freedom of nature

Happy to discover beauty freedom of nature

Being happy. Freedom of nature

Happy to discover beauty freedom of nature

Happy to be beauty freedom

Todd Kashdan has come up with his Feel Good Formula for Happiness and presented it to the world.

Being happy the closeness of nature will enjoy feelings and emotions

Some people discover happiness in every beautiful sight surrounded by nature.

Happy to be beautiful sight in the middle of nature