Unforgettable Honeymoon – Exotic Destinations For Your Love Holiday

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Not only the thermometer rises in the summer, but also the mood barometer of many deeply in love couples who planned their wedding in this splendid season. Actually, every season is just as good for giving your yes-word to the loved one. In the summer, however, every wedding is even more romantic, so this is the most preferred time for wedding celebrations and the honeymoon. Yes, exactly, the honeymoon! Because every well-organized wedding also includes unforgettable honeymoon. Today we want to save all future couples the stress around the wedding and at least help them to choose a first class travel destination for their love holiday. We would like to introduce you to some exotic and extravagant honeymoon destinations, which guarantee you 100 years of unforgettable experiences and will surely also create a bit of envy in your circle of friends.

Discover your personal”summer paradise for two”and go there to the honeymoon!

Honeymoon in summer the maldives

The Newlyweds are always under great stress – the wedding ceremony, the wedding celebration, the first dance, the wedding cake …. In such a situation one often forgets something or something important moves into the background. Do not let yourself get confused by the preparations and the emotionally invited celebration and think of the time afterwards.

Holidays are pure happiness! The travel agencies offer everything possible for lovers – from low-priced world trips to a cozy weekend in your area. There is always something for every taste, style and purse. Browse through various travel catalogs and search for a romantic place for your unforgettable honeymoon with a fingertip feeling. We have prepared something for you!

Mauritius is our number one choice

If you are looking for a dream wedding in the summer, choose a trip to Mauritius! The paradise island state is located in the Indian Ocean, about 1800 km east of the coast of Africa. The kilometer-long coral reefs protect the island from the force of the ocean. From a distance the island looks stunning. On the spot you will be enchanted by its white beaches and fascinating mountain landscape. Here is logically the water sports. Diving and surfing, swimming and swimming are the most popular leisure activities. Many exotic places are just waiting to be discovered by the tourists.

Snorkelers and divers fly for the honeymoon to Mauritius

Honeymoon ideas for summer mauritius

First class Honeymoon hotels in Mauritius have very special offers for Newlyweds. A candlelight dinner with a bottle of house wine, a flower bath in the spa and wellness area of ​​the hotel, a free massage per person and many other surprises that turn your honeymoon into an unforgettable experience.

Spend your honeymoon on snow-white beaches in glorious sunshine

Honeymoon ideas for the summer mauritius visit

The Maldives are a dream destination for perfect honeymoon

If you want more exoticism, the Maldives are just right for you! This is also an island state in the Indian Ocean, but it is even farther away from Europe than Mauritius. The Maldives are made up of some 2,000 islands and atolls, located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the middle of the ocean. Here is paradise on earth! Freshly baked married couples are still immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere during their landing. Everywhere you can see turquoise blue water, silver shimmering waves, white beaches and green palm trees…. Of course, there is lots of sun and first class service. Snorkelers, divers and surfers can get their money’s worth! In the Maldives, every holidaymaker is pampered – when bathing on the beach, you can enjoy the well-earned honeymoon, during the day you can taste the Far Eastern cuisine and in the evening you will be offered exotic cocktails. Here you will find plenty of peace, freedom and the pleasure of being only a couple!

In the Maldives you will find everything your heart desires

Honeymoon in the summer organize in the maldives

Unwind on the beach and enjoy your young family happiness

Honeymoon on the maldives

Europe also has a lot to offer freshly baked couples

Many bridal couples do not want to fly for hours to the holiday resort and prefer to spend their honeymoon in Europe. The old continent also has a lot to offer. If you want to fill your love holiday with a great cultural program, a Short trip to Amsterdam , Prague, Vienna or Paris. Also in Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia you can find wonderful destinations and resorts, just the right thing for your honeymoon. Maybe you would like to stay in the German-speaking world and still experience something new and unknown? Many hotels in Austria and Switzerland offer special programs for Honeymooners and will be happy to transform your honeymoon into an unforgettable experience. Do you want to go hiking in the Alps or do you prefer the dynamism of a European city? But one thing is certain: you can go anywhere, on the sea coast, in the woods, in the countryside, or in the city. Here is just your personal happiness in this time out together!

We wish you an enjoyable honeymoon and good luck in family life!

Avoid the stress of a long-distance journey and stay for your honeymoon in Europe

Honeymoon in summer austria

Perhaps you choose Croatia?

Honeymoon in europe spend croatia

Or do you prefer Italy?

Honeymoon in italy and enjoy a lot of romance

Visit the sights of Austria

Honeymoon in austria and visit wonderful sights

Greece also has a lot to offer

Honeymoon in greece and enjoy the summer

Visit exotic places

Honeymoon in europe spend exotic places to visit

Enjoy the romance

Honeymoon days in the maldives

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