Useful Flight Information Or The 6 Biggest Myths Of Flight!

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The fascinating schenelle development of air transport in the last 100 years today gives us the opportunity to travel long distances quickly and to save a lot of precious time. Compared with the other modes of transport, flying is regarded as the safest passenger and goods with the fewest accidents. Unfortunately, this experience for most of us still with unpleasant feelings, such as fear and panic is connected; We just lose the solid ground under their feet – in the direct as well as in the figurative sense. Fear of flying can be rapidly and successfully overcome! We introduce a few flight myths, whose Entzauberung hopefully every flight from now on will turn into an einzigarziges experience for you!

1. the door flying open represents an actual security risk

Useful flight information – an embarrassing incident this way can occur only in a movie;

in reality, this is simply impossible

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Even after the aircraft has reached its scheduled cruising altitude, can open the flight vehicle doors nor the emergency exits in the tightly-sealed and hermetisierten pressurized cabin! Only if it possessed superhuman strength, could overcome the increased compared with the ambient air pressure in the passenger cabin, then open the door! The pressure on the door is just too high! Therefore, you need to just worry about it that could succeed in a confused passenger in mid-flight, actually the flight vehicle door open!

2. flight information – a small leak in the missile will suck out all passengers out of the cabin

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While the large holes in the aircraft may cause a lightning-fast decompression, it looks completely different in a small hole. Although a hole leads mostly to the emergency landing of the plane, will disintegrate the machine in the hands of a highly skilled crew in the air, nor on landing, but can normally go down! When the crew follows the appropriate security procedures, the problematic situation can be overcome as quickly as possible!

3. due to the circulating oxygen in air various infectious diseases are spread

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On the plane, you are continuously supplied with fresh air flight information-

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A small part of the thin air that is sucked in is controlled tapped from the engine, compressed by multiple compressor stages and after cooled down by various filters. Then, this air is mixed with a part of already used air from the cabin and immediately afterwards through control valves in the passenger cabin. The modern airlines insist that be destroyed between 94 and 99.9% of all germs in the air through the filter! The passengers are supplied with fresh, clean air every three minutes – compared to our homes and workplaces, a renewal of air in the plane is carried out much more often!

4. fasten the safety harness reduces your chances of survival in an eventullen disaster

plane belt anschanllen

Flight information – simply follow the instructions of the crew!

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Many passengers are of the opinion that the safety belt when the evacuation was more disturbing than helping after a plane crash. You can but in an accident directly from his seat “fly out” and knocking an other passenger or one of the partitions in the plane! Therefore, it would be better that you firmly in place, even if it later “has to fight with the belt” rather than to float back and forth through the air and is hard to hurt.

5. the oxygen masks have aimed to calm the passengers before the secure disaster

flugzeuginformation oxygen mask

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The sudden pressure drop in the plane raises in most cases mass panic, however quite often leads to a disaster! Because if the pressure drops, the air pressure in the cabin is balanced with the outside pressure, the pretty thin air to 10000 can not provide passengers m. altitude with the necessary oxygen. Here, the oxygen masks help us by providing our easy one – and exhaling. Over the course of 15 to 20 minutes they secure us air with a higher content of oxygen until the experienced pilot m. lower the plane to an altitude of 3000.

6. flight information – the chances of survival in a crash are quite low

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Accident refers to a situation where people come, or of breach of or severe damage to the missile will be communicated to the verse. According to the specifications of the American National Council on the safety of air traffic in the United States, were over 95% of all passengers who have suffered an aircraft accident in the period from 1983 to 2000 and remained alive!

This depends on the strict rules in the aviation industry – the modern aircraft are fire resistant, equipped with the latest and safest evacuation means and can withstand more severe impairment of air vehicle fuselage, without losing their integrity!

Flight information – the modern machines ensure you a quiet and stress-free flight!

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Can relax and just enjoy the experience!

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