Vacation With Dog – Practical Tips For Great Trips With Your Four-legged Friend

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The holiday season is still in full swing. Yes, traveling is a lot of fun, but what can you do if you have a dog at home? Can we take our four-legged with us on holiday? Are you faced with the same dilemma just before your planned trip? We have prepared practical tips for you to help you spend a great holiday with your dog. There are also activities planned for your house, so that he feels really great. The most important thing, however, is that you also consider small details in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, you need to have a car that is big enough (or rent one) if you want or want to spend hours. The goal is, that your house is enough space in the car. What can you prepare before the trip, while keeping the journey within reach and at the resort, we betray you immediately!

Animal-friendly – a great holiday with a dog!

Holiday with dog the dog must feel comfortable in the car

Practical tips for your travel preparation with dog

Brush the dog before departure and comb out excess hair so that it is not left in the car. This should be removed then so as then the car clean. This may now seem like a baggage, but from a practical point of view, it is important and saves you extra work after arriving at the resort.

Holiday preparations are the essence of every good holiday with a dog

Holiday with dog prepare for the trip

Before you travel, you must make sure your pet has a passport. This document includes his name, his race, his age, and his / her handynummer and address. This information must also be placed in the collar of the dog and used in an emergency, if the four-legged dog may be lost at the holiday resort. In the last few years many masters have opted for microchip identification. This is undoubtedly a better option, because neckbands can easily get away. A chip is installed under the skin of your house lover and there he stays all his life. Safe and reliable.

With a built-in microchip, nothing can happen to your house

Vacation with dog a city visit

Before you go on holiday with your dog, it is recommended that you take your health records from the veterinarian. This way, you can prove (if necessary) that your four-legged friends have all the vaccinations. Including vaccination against kennel cattle. This is a highly contagious infection of the upper airways, which spreads rapidly.

Extra tip: Take some photos of your dog. It is rather unlikely that he will be lost on vacation, but who knows…. Accidents happen. That your house from the car or hotel room escaped at the resort is just as terrible for the animal as for his master. Current photos of the dog will help you and other people find the four-legged.

Take the latest photos of your dog on holiday

Travel and vacation on holiday with the dog ride

Clever tips for driving with dog

At the moment you can find a wide range of travel accessories for dogs – from the simple transport box to the car travel bed to the foldable ramp. These small and / or great extras allow you to travel safely and comfortably with your pet. Special dishes for dog food and drinking water must also be provided. It would be best if you stay at the same feeding plan as usual at home during your trip. Do not forget to give your dog enough water on hot summer days and keep it well hydrated. He needs more water at summer heat! You will certainly be forced during a long drive to make a short stay every few hours. This is a very practical tip for any holiday traveler with dog. Keep the car at a grassy resting place and take a short walk with the dog. Your house will be consuming some energy, which is a must for him.

Short stay and walk in the lawn are necessary for dog and owner

Holidays with dog take small breaks during the trip

Useful tips for a good holiday with dog

Immediately after your arrival at the resort you will have quite different worries if you had not planned everything in advance. We start with the most important tip: just get off in pet-friendly hotels! There is in principle no extra charge for the four-legged. However, there could be restrictions for the allowed number of dogs, for their size and weight. So before making a hotel booking, you will find detailed information on what is allowed in the hotel and what is not. It is best to call the hotel you have chosen, in which you want to stay during your holiday, to inquire about the dogs being allowed there. In the telephone conversation you can get additional information about certain restrictions or additional fees.

Get off in pet-friendly hotels!

Travel and vacation with your dog in a pet friendly hotel

Dine in pet-friendly restaurants. Look for restaurants (usually with sun terraces or other outdoor areas!), Where it is allowed to bring the dog. Before you leave, research the pet-friendly restaurants and bars in your holiday destination and create a list of such places. Yes, but the holiday is not only good food and cozy sleep. Think about interesting leisure activities that you can do with your four-legged friend. Running, playing the ball, swimming and much more can be done with his furry friend on vacation. You will surely find new ideas on the spot!

Extra tip: And finally, our special advice comes! Immediately clean your dog! Obtain enough dog poop bags and bags in advance. So even on holiday nothing could go wrong.

Just follow our tips and you will spend a wonderful holiday with dog! Let us wish you that!

Travel and holiday with the dog leisure activities with the pet
Travel and vacation with the dog enough water
Travel and holiday with the dog beautiful ideas for the leisure
Vacation with dog beautiful moments with the house
Holidays with dog exciting experiences with the pet
Holiday with dog prepare the pet for the trip

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