Water Crystals The Perfect Geometry Of Nature

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Water crystals and the theories of Professor Emoto

If designers are looking for innovative and universal solutions, they make use of abundant on the infinite phenomena and models of nature. Especially the geometric forms that occur in nature and constantly get people to wonder, are taken by many designers as a source of inspiration for their work.

In today’s article will not deal with brand new desings and trends, but the origin of an idea, which is in the simple structure of the drinking water in this case.

As in 1994, the Japanese Professor Masaru Emoto explored the structure of water in his laboratory, he had no expectation that he will be exactly this result. He had a guess about the memory of water, but knew no way, how he can practically prove his theory.

Water crystals store the vibrations of emotion

water crystals buddist truth

After many experiments and trials, Professor Emoto began to freeze the water and examine it under his microscope. Each sample was carefully carried out and yielded time amazing, even shocking results. The professor was firmly convinced that water reacts to vibrations. The Professor let children pray, harmonious music played in the water or has intentionally abused it.

As crazy as it sounds, the water crystals took a form due to the emotional expression, which was harmonious and beautiful or seemed appropriately mortified and terrible. He continued his studies, as he has compared water samples from protected areas with those from large metropolitan areas. Through his empirical research he could understand that the structure of the water with the mentality of the people in the respective locality harmonized. Life in one place was stressful and liebloser, the crystals of water appeared more hideous. The theories of Professor Emoto go so far that he was of the opinion, if the planet and also the man largely consist of water, whether we can improve our lives unaware alone by changing our thoughts or life setting.

Have fun with the marvel at the images!

Gratitude in the form of a Crystal


Love that is reflected by the water


Classical music was played before this water sample


The water after a Buddhist prayer

water crystals Buddhist

If positive thoughts and feelings visible





water crystals buddist grateful

Doubt and ignorance bring nothing good

water crystals Buddhist ignor

Image of John Lennon as a water crystal

water crystals Buddhist ignor

If one imagines that we consist largely of water…


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