What Are Cranberries? Meet The Healthy Fruit!

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what are bunch of cranberries fruit lot

What are cranberries and what do you know about it?

Cranberry, healthy fruit

What are Crenberries and where are you from? For quite some time, the health values of the Cranberries are known and proven.

The name of the fruit comes from America, where is also the home of this Berry.

The first European settlers who allegedly named the fruit got there on the coast of New England. The color of the Berry is saturated red as the red spot on the head of a crane (English-“crane”). The fruit alone is small and has the shape of a strawberry. So, the unknown fruit got the name Cranberry.

The healthy fruit comes urspunglich from Canada and North America

what are fruit of the Bush cranberries

The red berries are the biggest source of natural vitamin C, which is as far as known to us

what are cranberries fruit of aromatic

Cranberries are grown in the vicinity of large ponds

what are process cranberries

The Indians use the red fruit 300 years ago, to the food, as well as to accelerate wound healing or to relieve pain.

The cranberry is known for its numerous health qualities. Their property to fight various infections of the urinary tract is particularly significant. The Cranberrries are the largest and all-natural vitamin C which is why are recommended they like source, in the winter.  The taste of cranberries is mad. The fruit protects against viruses and strengthens the human body’s defences.

You should eat every day of the fruit as a prevention against diseases

what are cranberries fruit of Northern heart

The Cranberries-juice is a proven remedy for cystitis

what are cranberries fruit juice

Cranberries juice

The fruits have a draining and disinfecting effect, which is why they are used successfully in treatment of renal or bladder infections. The Cranberries-juice stimulates the appetite and supplies the body with the all-important for the circuit of Omega-3 fatty acids.

The small fruits are rich in vitamins, microelements and mineral salts. It is proven that the cranberries juice lowers cholesterol levels and is a powerful remedy for cancer.

You will find cranberries nut juice in the health food store or pharmacy

what are juice cranberries mother

Chranberries in the kitchen

Maximum benefit from the positive values of the cranberries, you should eat the fruit fresh and Maizena to consume the fruit juice. If you have done enough for your health, you can gladly prepare an aromatic pie or jam from the pulp. If you can, pick the cranberries themselves and do a hand full in the batter. In the cold winter time, a fragrant cranberries sauce fits perfectly with FRY.

As a stimulant, a refreshing drink tastes class after the long day at work

what are cranberries mother drink

Be creative and add a few cranberries in the normal cake batter! You will be amazed!

what are cranberries fruit cake

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