What Do You Know About The Italian Pizza?

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Looking for pizza?

Anybody who ever was in Italy, has determined the carelessness of the Italians, their love of life and passion for food bemerkt…und what the Italian pizza as the typical culinary icon on the peninsula of angeht…na Yes, they intertwined all three properties of their inventors with each other. Is pizza but actually “born” in Italy? The up chamfers of many archaeologists and historians, all civilizations have known many centuries ago the popular pizza taste; However, there was the most variants of the pizza in the Mediterranean, the known recipes were similar to pretty much this today. With time, the pizza was always tasty, each civilization has adapted the pizza taste and their preparation the own eating habits and food interests. Urby as quickly in the work break for snack or dish served as a fine restaurant enjoy the pizza million people of different nationalities, ages and cultures – it flatters the palate and offers an unforgettable dining experience all around the world!

How did you get the pizza to the world?

Italian pizza of tasty preparation

In the old who you serve sprinkled with various spices, small, flat round breads to the Pharaoh’s birthday (today these are known in Italy under the name pizza bianca “white pizza”). The Greeks ate similar round bread rolls with different sauces and garnishes to in ancient times.

Another historical source leads us to Naples in the 16th century – this place changed over the course of time in a large coastal town with a while working, but very poor population. The so-called pizzaioli (by the way so called nowadays still the pizza bakers in Italy) round bread cooked with tomato sauce for the working class; time to them thus, cheese, anchovies, garlic, began to add spices and olive oil.

According to a study from the last few years, more than 93% of the world population have

at least once in their lives eaten pizza

Italian pizza Naples margherita

Despite the negative reactions and accusations of the aristocracy with regard to this eating habit of the bourgeoisie, regarded at the time as a bad, pizza enjoyed due to their low price of a pretty big success. To impress the Italian King Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoia during her visit to Naples in 1889 and set them a (hopefully) pleasant surprise, the Neapolitans served them with the traditional Italian pizza. On the round bread they put mozzarella and red tomatoes, green Basil – the colors of the ingredients symbolized the flag of Italy. The noble family found great pleasure in this simple dish, this kind of pizza as a result was named – Margherita after the Queen! Von this moment on the pizza was no longer as “the food of poor farmers”, but as a delicious us quickly prepared satellite makers. In the 40 years of the 20th century, crossed the borders of Italy of the fame of the pizza and found great acclaim throughout Europe and America.

Italian pizza oven preparation

The first real pizzeria was in 1830 in via PortAlba 18 in Naples, opened and attracts nowadays still many visitors from around the world. The important thing here is the oven of solidified lava, which allows up to 400 degrees, and as a result the crispness of the pizza dough guarantees a baking temperature. In addition, the pizzeria with a large marble kitchen top is equipped, on which to cook the pizza right in front of the guests, and with many small Wall shelves, on which the varied ingredients are.

Italian pizza – the classics

tasty eating Italian pizza

Flour, yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil and water are the necessary ingredients for a classic pizza dough – dough you must hand knead, rise and then roll out of a ball in a thin sheet. You could eat too healthy pizza – simply replace the white flour with whole grain more! But which are the classic pizzas and how do they differ from each other?

Margherita – for this pizza, you need two large tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, olive oil, and fresh basil. Strange is the fact that the Italians only use tomatoes when making pizza from the middle of the 18th century. Bakers needed quite a bit of time to get on this vegetable – the Italians saw the beginning of the 17th century from the United States-related tomato as poisonous and have bred accordingly first as ornamental plants.
Capricciosa – or else “everything you have in the fridge” called… Peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomato, cheese, salami and eggs are a unique combination, which rumor and flavor is long not to forget!

Italy capricciosa pizza

Diavola – the favourite pizza of the most men are characterized by their pretty spicy ingredients – the traditional Italian salami, pepperoni, chili and hot pepper are a “flammable” mix!
Quattro formaggi – Mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and Emmental merge into a whole.
Calzone – Naples gave the world not only the classic pizza Margherita, but also this pizza covered with dough. Ricotta, mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, tomato sauce are the necessary ingredients here, you could always experiment and add something new. In some places (especially in Puglia and Milan), to use a Fryer instead of the traditional oven for cooking calzone! Amazingly, or..?Some interesting facts about the Italian pizza

pizza very expensive

You must consume pizza on all cases in a pleasant environment with good friends and family, to fully indulge in the culinary pleasure. By the way, there are a few strange facts about the pizza, which all bring to the table to smile and laugh!

October is the official month of pizza in the United States!
in 2005, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insulted the Finnish cuisine. Three years later a Finnish pizza took first place in an international pizza competition, the Italian pizza therefore remained in the second place. The pizza-winning pizza Berlusconi was named. To discover this hidden irony?
The most expensive pizza in the world costs 12, $000-the whole preparation of pizza Louis XIII runs in your home in the presence of a sommelier, sex and the chef himself. The price however is not the size of the pizza, it’s the ingredients – three varieties of caviar, red fire shrimp lobster from the Mediterranean, etc. power finished, the high amount. To do this they get including a Remy Martin Cognac and a bottle of Krug Clos you Mesnil champagne!
An international exhibition of pizza in Las Vegas takes place every year! Is the most popular pizza Americans pepperoni!

Pizza Bianca is often served in Italian restaurants as a Starter

Italian pizza bianca

Around the world to prepare Italian pizza – best pizza in Italy

Italian pizza bake

Italian pizza – the marble kitchen top should not simply be missing!

Italian pizza marble plate

Pizza Diavola – the favorite pizza of all men around the world

tasty ingredients Italian pizza
Italian pizza with spicy salami and chilli
pizza diavola Italy hot
Italian pizza – Quattro Formaggi for those who like to eat cheese
pizza four cheese delicious places

Calzone is popular with young and old

calzone pizza Italy

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