You Can Fight Insomnia With Some Food. What Are They?

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Healthy food, which they successfully fight the insomnia

Less caffeine, peace – these are the factors that help all of us to enjoy a good night’s sleep. You also know that there are some foods that can also help you effectively to combat the insomnia ? It is products, which anyway like to eat most of us and can easily purchase. If we know that they help for insomnia , we would buy them just slightly more regularly.

Combat insomnia – tips on how you can enjoy a good night’s sleep by the food

healthy sleep tips sleep food related

You can fight insomnia with popcorn

healthy popcorn sleep food health lifestyle

Fresh cherries are also a Variant, to get rid of insomnia

healthy sleep eat cherries for insomnia


If you want to feel like something sweet before I sleep and collect but not too much energy before bedtime, the bananas are a good solution. Inside contain calcium and magnesium, which demonstrably lead to better sleep.

Bananas are healthy and are an effective means against insomnia

bananas before the fight insomnia sleep eat

They contain vitamins which improve sleep

insomnia eating bananas magnesium

Low-fat cottage cheese

If you get hungry at some point later in the evening despite adequate evening bread, then you could eat low-fat cottage cheese. You are so tired, and at the same time provide you with many substances which help you sleep better. They can combat reflux with the low-fat cottage cheese, many people get, and through which they can relax not quietly. Continue to pick up so much calcium, and as a result, your body produces more melatonin.

Cottage cheese helps you to relax right

tips combat insomnia eat cottage cheese


There are a number of good reasons why you should regularly eat a big bowl of cherries. Improved sleep, you reach this, is one of these. Or maybe you prefer a juice or Smoothie with cherries? According to research at the University of Louisiana, one now believes those who eat cherries two times per day, has on average 90 minutes more sleep.

Cherries are healthy and super delicious…

healthy sleep healthy food eating cherries


Of course, it is not a good idea to eat salmon right in front of the bedroom. Select this fish for dinner regularly. The Omega-3 acids contained therein have a beneficial effect on the whole body, and among other things they promote good sleep.

The food has a strong influence on sleep

healthy salmon sleep tips food health

A toast

You have probably already noticed: If you make a dish rich in carbohydrates to lunch, then soon you feel, you want to make a short NAP.  This might help you also in the evening if you eat toast with cheese or an other side dish, that is not so hard in the stomach.

A toast before sleep eat and healthy sleep

healthy sleep tips eat toast


Want something sweet, in the evening, and the bananas are too hard for you? Then you could take instead of the Kiwi. It contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, Folsäuren, magnesium, and many other substances, which are for the relaxation of the body of great importance.

Kiwi is a healthy food, which you could treat yourself before I sleep

healthy sleep kiwi eat sleep food related


This green leafy vegetables also has a ton of sleep-promoting ingredients. These are for example calcium, potassium and magnesium. A toast with spinach or a smoothie let you sleep like a baby.

To eat spinach salad is healthy for several reasons

healthy sleep eating spinach salad

Brazil nuts

This is a good product with phosphorus and magnesium. It contains also selenium and this message is very important for vegetarians, because most of the other sources of this ingredient of animal origin.

You could eat Brazil nuts even before sleep, when one suffers from insomnia

healthy sleep Brazil nuts before sleep


The eggs have many proteins, choline, folic acid and vitamin D. eat these with a bit of baked bread and avocado.

Combine eggs with bread

healthy sleep eggs fried food


Popcorn, which is prepared at home with minimal fat, can also be used as a “Sleep aid”. The popcorn has few calories, but at the same time many carbohydrates, antioxidants, and minerals. This soothing ingredients are on hand to ensure that you sleep better at night. Combine better with coconut oil instead of butter. Then you can have a healthy and restful sleep!

Popcorn contains soothing ingredients

popcorn fight insomnia eat

Healthy sleep and relax properly

insomnia fight healthy sleep tips enjoy

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