106 Living Room Tiles From Cerdomus – Zona Giorno Collection

Arya Zona Giorno Cerdomus Chair installed lighting

About the tiles cerdomus

Most people put on tiles in the bathroom, living room or in the kitchen when it comes to the floor tiles and the floor. You can be cleaned easily and effortlessly and in addition there are a variety of designs, textures, and sizes in the market. The tiles offer is almost endless. Different floor and wall tiles you are here also to be see in our post – wood tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles and more offers that are designed by the Italian company Cerdomus .

Living room tiles cerdomus

Avenue coffee table sofa cushion floor vase

There are also many colors from which you can choose – but mostly we see only shades of white to beige in the homes of our friends, or at the Office facilities. Why not we opt for bold colors? You can combine this really fits with the pieces of furniture and wall decoration.  First class and style see all collections cerdomus, but today we put the accent on Zona Giorno and the endless patterns and textures. Enjoy the photo gallery!

Arya by Zona Giorno

Arya Zona Giorno Cerdomus Chair installed lighting

Continue with the Arya collection

Arya Zona Giorno round circles glass railing

Avenue in your living room? Avenue gloss floor tiles living room sofas floor lamp

The hallway in the modern home with Cerdomus floor tiles

modern house white kitchen transition

Dark texture

Avenue Zona Giorno wood look living room floor tiles

Bar design with Cerdomus tile

barstool of Cerdomus tile

Oak collection

barrique classically stylish leather chair living room tiles

Oak wood

Oak collection Cerdomus wood look tile vintage

Benchmark of Zona Giorno

benchmark Zona Giorno floor vase houseplants

Grey and simple

benchmark Zona Giorno Cerdomus floor tiles living room

Benchmark in Pale shades

benchmark Zona Giorno wood texture of Cerdomus

From the same collection

benchmark Zona Giorno Cactus flower pots

Brightness and gloss

billiards wood optics living room tiles

EPIC design

bookshelves wall Zona Giorno epic

A penthouse apartment in New York

Fürs living room floor tiles tiles USA

Chrome by Zona Giorno

chrome Zona Giorno tiles In the living room of Cerdomus

Chrome grey

chrome Zona Giorno tiles restaurant tiles Fürs living room

Club design – interesting texture

club Zona Giorno hearth Chair beige

Robust interior design – open living area

open spaces sliding doors armchair sofas living room tiles

Contempora with diamond-shaped patterns

contempora Zona Giorno antique floor tiles still image

Classic decorative pattern

contempora Zona Giorno Cerdomus tile

Simple range of contempora

Zona Giorno leather Eames Lounge red contempora

Darker nuance

contempora Zona Giorno leather reclining living room tiles

Diamonds, circles and other patterns

contempora Zona Giorno pattern floor tiles

Bar counter in the attic

attic floor stool wood Cerdomus

Dome of Zona Giorno in Brown

dome collection of Cerdomus living room tiles

Classic atmosphere

dome collection of Cerdomus living room curtains

Restaurant set up

cosy restaurant set up Cerdomus floor tiles

Eames Lounge Chair for comfort

Eames Lounge white Regis Zona Giorno

Purist design – elite collection

elite collection pure simple living room

Formal interior design

elite collection Zona Giorno Conference Hall

Minimalist furnishing solution for the living room

Zona Giorno sofa elite collection Orange coffee table

EPIC design by Zona Giorno

epic Zona Giorno wood optics light shading living roomepic Zona Giorno sofa leather living room tiles ideas

Floor tiles for the living room of the Italian Studio

Zona Giorno Hiro's tiles In the living room

Flint cerdomus

Flint Zona Giorno floor tiles Grau Cerdomus

Warm shades and tones

forge Zona Giorno chandelier living room tiles

Forge give warm look

forge Zona Giorno Chair side table floor tiles

Traditional touch of over

cozy living room set up wooden tiles over

Coastal interiors

sliding doors glass sea wood living room tiles

Lefka Maxi in grey

grey wall tiles floor tiles living room Zona Giorno Lefka Maxi

Green wall tiles

green wall plants easily maintain Cerdomus tile

Mixed pattern of Hiro’s

Hiro's Zona Giorno Cerdomus tile floor

Clothing store in the UK

England clothing shop Cerdomus floor tiles

Lefka Maxi in beige

Lefka Maxi guitar living room floor tiles

Simple, but original

Lefka Maxi living room tiles Cerdomus

More suggestions of Lefka Maxi

Lefka Maxi Zona Giorno floor living room

Hallway decorated with floor tiles cerdomus

Lefka stair railing grey floor tiles

Warm beige

Lefka Zona Giorno Conference Hall of Cerdomus tile

Light gray beauty

Lefka Zona Giorno leather coffee table of Cerdomus stone wall decoration

Lily floor tiles

Lily Blau floor tiles living room of Cerdomus winter garden

Flashy red floor

Lily dark red restaurant tiles living room ideas

Mosaic tiles as a kitchen countertop

mosaic tile countertop kitchen serving wine

Masculine nuances cerdomus

pattern Brown floor tiles dome Zona Giorno

Over wood optics

Over Holz texture sofa cushion fireplace

Zen style

rough surface Bodenfleisen houseplants design

Urban interiors in a classic style

Brown shades living room elegant city classic

Mocha wall decoration

Mocha colours wall decoration floor tiles sofas Chair

Regis with many decorative elements

Regis Zona Giorno Cerdomus pattern floor tiles

Attractive wall stripes in Brown

murals brown stripe floor tiles of Cerdomus

Concrete look at the ceiling

ROK Zona Giorno Cerdomus living room floor tiles table lamp

Robust floor tiles ROK

ROK Zona Giorno rattan chairs table living room

Red velvet curtains as room divider

red curtains classic Cerdomus floor tiles barrique

Savanna cerdomus

savanna dark brown floor Chair

Savanna wood look wall tiles

savanna Wandfleisen hanging lamps shelves books

Traditional look

savanna Zona Giorno Cerdomus living room tiles

Stylish interior design ideas

savanna Zona Giorno stool sofa leather

Savanna flooring

savanna Zona Giorno texture wood leather

Lefka Maxi

Chair of Lefka Cerdomus floor vase living room tiles

Designer solution

kitchen island sink stool wooden savanna

Stage Pointe

stage Pointe Zona Giorno stools kitchen island

Floor design with ROK tiles

stone wall effective natural ROK Zona Giorno floor tiles

Natural visionstone wall solid wood texture tiles of Cerdomus

Playful arrangement

Tableau Zona Giorno Cerdomus Grau simple

Suitable for offices

Tableau Zona Giorno Sun books of Cerdomus

Neutral look

Tableau Zona Giorno floor lamp black semicircle

Tableau – smooth surface

Tableau Zona Giorno living room table carpet sofa

Authentic look

Tahoe wood floor tiles living room wood optics

In the public

Tahoe restaurant Cerdomus floor living room tiles

Optical illusion

Tahoe Zona Giorno wood living room tiles table chairs

Tahoe Zona Giorno

Tahoe Zona Giorno living room tiles ideas

Lighter and darker wood tones

indirect lighting wall decoration stair wood flooring

Tableau of Zona Giorno

Wandfleisen Tableau Zona Giorno Cerdomus

Wall and floor tiles

wall tiles floor tiles Zona Giorno Lefka Maxi

Wave designs

wave collection statue antique style chandelier

Minimalist white furnishings

white ambience tiles living room wood frame glass walls

Interior of a piece of leather furniture

living room Setup dome Cerdomus

Monochromatic furnishings and splendid tiles

Monochromatisch gloss of Cerdomus living room tiles

These tiles have been named wood of Zona Giorno

wood Zona Giorno floor tiles wood cracks effective

Brilliant pattern – chrome design

Zona Giorno chrome ornate living room

Contemporary living room seen from above

Zona Giorno chrome round coffee table living room tiles

Club of Zona Giorno

Zona Giorno Club warm wood ambience

Colorful cushion, striped

stripes colorful cushions upholstery spice up mountain

Built-in wall – typical for the living room

E modern living room ideas design apartment kitchen

Golden pattern of floor tiles

modern white black accents living room idea with

Velvet sofa in grey

Marcos Bertoldi design floor tiles living room

Diagonal ordered tiles

Zona Giorno epic wood look floor tiles living room

More designs and patterns by epic

Zona Giorno epic wooden look living room design

Luxury Wohnbar

bar home illuminated luxury elegance floor tiles

Saturated shade of wood

Zona Giorno dark wood texture of Cerdomus tile

Fresh, inviting atmosphere

Zona Giorno Savanna Hell atmosphere glass

Pale wood optics savanna

Zona Giorno savanna wood look tiles Cerdomus

Zona Giorno and Tahoe

Zona Giorno Tahoe wood look living room tiles

Tahoe with wood texture

Zona Giorno Tahoe living room tiles Cerdomus

Round hanging Chair in the living room – wall and floor tiles cerdomus

hanging Chair modern floor tiles of Cerdomus living room