20 Interior Design Ideas For Family-friendly Living Room

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family-friendly living room Leopard print armchair in blue

Home make your living room 20 interior design ideas for family-friendly living room – like you

Are you satisfied with your living room furniture? Optimally, it meets the needs of your family? If you are not sure, then you look at our collection of ideas. You will find something inspiring, this colourful living room above for example. The wide range of colors and patterns lends the room vitality and positive energy. An accent wall in gold can sometimes work wonders.

Do you have an open floor plan home?

family-friendly living room eclectic and colorful

If Yes, then place your furniture in a clever way and thus form a clear structure. So the whole family can be together longer. While the parents prepare meals, children can watch their favorite show or prepare homework on the dining room table.

Stand on white seating?

family-friendly living room coffee table from branches

If you have young children that is certainly not a good idea. In this case, prefer darker shades for your couch and Chair. To compensate, you can apply lighter colors on the walls and the doors, as shown in the picture above. For a smooth look, use neutral or natural shades. Here, the problem was elegantly solved with a coffee table in natural wood and sisal rug.

Do you have a weakness for old chests and wicker furniture?

family-friendly living room coffee table from old chests

Then you can insert practically this weakness. As trolleys and baskets as storage boxes, use the old chests. So, you can hide the odds and ends in a matter of seconds and your children can easily put their toys in the basket or take out.

The more cushion, the comfortable and homely

family-friendly living room fur carpet and elegant arc lamp

Why not an extra living room in the basement set up?

family-friendly Wohnzimmerrunder of velvet stool

A homework station in the living room – also not a bad idea

family-friendly living room ceramic stool keg-shaped

If you still choose white or light upholstery, you get washable upholstery fabrics in any case. So you will not worry great, if someone spilled something.

So keep your living room the bright shades and remains still child-friendly

family-friendly living room fireplace tile natural stone

Fireplace means coziness

family-friendly living room wide coffee table with rough wood grain

Folding stool in the same nuance as your sofa are the perfect addition to your living room furniture. You can move these flexible and at the same time elegant furniture pieces every time and they do not disturb the view of the fireplace. They display perfectly in any interior and ensure your comfort.

A touch of neo-Baroque

family-friendly living room brick fireplace ethno carpet

Do you like the rustic romance?

family-friendly living room open beamed ceilings wood

Shabby Chic adapts well to family life

family-friendly living room wicker basket and guitar

Soft upholstery, natural materials

family-friendly living room of Silberglänzender table

Secure seat Affairs in all forms and variants

family-friendly living room lamp Lantern

A darker floor covering can seem not only practical, but also very refreshing

family-friendly living room luxurious footstool from black leather

The hidden TV in this elegant Cabinet is hard to suspect

family-friendly living room colorful cushion silver ceiling

Oval edges and fresh colours

family-friendly living room of round side table from White Leather

A cleverly arranged Bookshelf brings joy and serves the whole family

family-friendly living room crystal chandelier

Mobility and optical distance correctly positioned furniture and superscript curtains

family-friendly living room retro Chair

Even made great pictures give the room an artistic, personal touch

family-friendly living room Limefarbener wardrobe

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