5 Practical Tricks To Clean Hardwood Floors

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

Clean hardwood floors – surprisingly effective and simple tips

Wood flooring is a great option for the design of the apartment. But like everything else, such floors need the appropriate care. Many House residents wrongly consider these too costly and therefore rely on other floor coverings.

We want to unveil this myth. The maintenance of a hardwood floor can be very simple. Here are some tips that you keep doing.

Clean with a vacuum cleaner every day

It is most important that you make every day with the vacuum cleaner clean. So the dirty not the material will stick and deeper into its structure. This eliminates the basic cleaning.

Electrostatic substances for cleaning

For thorough cleaning and the removal of dust by edges and corners you should use electrostatic cloths and fabrics to remove the last traces of the dust.

Long gone are the days of Cinderella, but cloth and wooden floors fit together always

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So one should not allow the hardwood floors after cleaning

hardwood floors clean cleaning tricks ideas of floor cleaning detergents natural

Dry well

You should necessarily well dry after wet wiping with the MOP, that only happens after the vacuuming. So the quality of the hardwood is well preserved, and at the same time is no dust stick more easily.

Think of the surface treatment

Hardwood is a very good over many years. The prerequisite for this is that he is regularly edited with the appropriate means, preserve its appearance and quality. Learn how often you need to edit the ground accordingly and the means that must be done.

Furniture, incorporating damping feet

The furniture should be equipped with damping feet. This will help that move caused no damage on the ground. Replace them regularly so that they can successfully perform their function.

A shiny wooden floor gives your home a classy touch

wood floor cleaning floor cleaning detergent cleaning tricks ideas

A luxury apartment can welcome guests without perfectly cleaned hardwood floors

wood floor cleaning tricks ideas of floor cleaning detergents clean parquet

The furnishing is an important part of the Interior, the floor is also

hardwood floors clean cleaning tricks floor cleaning detergents natural

Whether in the living room or in the hallway, a clean wooden floor makes a good impression

wood floor cleaning tricks floor cleaning detergents clean floor

For healthy sleep no dust in the bedroom should stay of course

wood floor cleaning tricks ideas of floor cleaning detergents clean parquet floor

Nothing better than a new home with a clean wooden floors, lots of fun!

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