55 Interior Design Ideas For A Perfect Ambience

Nine key principles of Interior design

Successful interior design must be complicated. There are some key principles that almost always apply and make a success of even the most unusual concepts. Such key principles keep us from mistakes. If we don’t think this we feel in our actions-free.

Room divider

The first key principle is part of housing in different functional zones. These are the daily and nightly areas in the first place. Then, the zones for leisure time and work must be divorced from each other. Public and private sector is a third type of Division.

Zones with double function

This key principle can be described as a hallmark of modern design at the same time. You can make individual choices about, what functions are best for connecting. Here are some frequently occurring combinations: kitchen with dining area, guest rooms and library, bedroom and dressing room.

Find the perfect strategy in the living room design

interior design colors living living room interior design ideas

Mobile room divider

Use mobile room divider that you insert as needed. So, you create a dynamic space. Thus you protect such. Their private space, if necessary or provide fast more space, if you.

Make small oases

“Oases” are a group of functional elements or other types of furniture within the major functional areas.

You can be set up in the middle of the room.

Modern living room design in high gloss

realisations bedsit living areas sofa bar set up wood natural

Separation according to the physical characteristics of the materials

The space agency can be done according to the principle of sharing colors and textures. Designer show the great potential of this method in recent years particularly. It is very effective for the Visual, emotional sharing and ensures comfort.

Zoning with the help of furniture

This is one of the most economical methods of Interior Design. Through the intelligent distribution of furniture, it gives you a secondary option. They serve not only its main purpose, but also divide the space.

So save money and time at the institution and can therefore invest in valuable pieces of furniture. Eventually, this causes that your interior a lot appears to be luxurious.

Open living plan with ESPRIT

interior design open living plan glass table dining table blue dish chairs couch TV pendant light

Ergonomics and proper combining of functions

Leave enough room between the various functional zones. This ensures the clear isolation between them. Combining the zones must be clear. For example, day and night zones may not mesh merge.

Self storage

A key principle of good space organization represents the assurance of enough large storage space. This must be distributed but also as intelligent. Sometimes, you should sit on one or two large wardrobes rather than many smaller shelves. In the first case, the living room is more consistent and more modern.

Take advantage of the space under the stairs

interior design natural stair storage cabinets

Maximum use of the Hall

This key principle of Interior design is often neglected. This is a waste in the face of ever-smaller area, on which we have to live. Use the hallway as additional storage space.

With long hallways, a narrow Board as recommended results

interior design Hall carpet runners shelf

One-room apartment with clever interior design

bedsit grey sofa dining table kitchen interior design

The high bed saves you so much space

Studio white couch circular occasional table raised bed

The same goes for bunk beds, especially in the children’s room

nursery bunk bed staircase shelves storage space interior design

Stylish interior design ideas for the premises with a sloping roof

realisations attic roof sloping home office sofa coffee table carpet bed

Perfectly insert each centimeter

Interior attic bedsit kitchen dining area high bed wall shelf

Clever idea for longer rentals

interior design eingebeute kitchen Wall shelves bookshelves TV floor

Colour make the living areas

interior design studio bedroom bed curtains high-gloss cabinets Burgundy sofa purple

Multifunctional Studio

realisations Studio sofa coffee table cuisine kitchen island

Gorgeous Interior composition of wood

room design dining table coffee table sofa floating staircase roof sloping

There is also your loved ones feel just perfect

interior design living room dining table pets niche dogs

A small home office compliant?

interior design home office bedroom

Elegant curtains as room dividers

interior design kitchen dining table raumtrenner curtains

Introduce more dynamism into the room with fresh colors

bedsit bed room divider desk kitchen counter bar stool

Loft apartment with eclectic furnishings

realisations loftwohnung living room bedroom crystal chandelier

In white share the space with simple shelves

room design room divider bookshelves coffee table sofa living room

Sliding wall divides the space into two

interior design room divider sliding bedroom home office

These are also transparent sliding doors

realisations raumtrenner sliding glass doors home office bedroom

The small apartment appears much happier by a spring-like wall decoration

interior design sofa Chair Lantern flower pattern wall decoration bookshelves

Or do you prefer the clarity and the rest of the Unfarbe white?

realisations white furniture kitchen dining area living room sofa coffee table

More comfort through ethanol fireplace and piano

interior design living room white sofa cushion orange ethanolkamin Brown armchair piano

Create wakes through the matching Wall decoration

wall decoration wanddeko spring flowers ethanolkamin built-in sofa coffee table glass desk office chair

Dress up your little apartment with some fresh splashes of color on!

Interior Design Studio fresh colors bedroom curtains coffee table sofa poufs

bedroom kitchen living room Design Studio living area raumtrenner

Interior Design Studio bedroom sofa dining table raumtrenner TV

Interior Design Studio bedroom living room of raumtrenner shelves pendant light

Interior Design Studio bedroom bed desk wall shelf curtains

Interior Design Studio bedroom living room bücherreigale wooden ladder

interior design apartment staircase bookshelves kristallkronnleuchter

Interior Design Studio apartment living bed desk home office

Interior Design Studio living room bedroom sofa coffee table white furniture

interior design colors dining room bookshelves round dining table

Interior Design Studio mobile furniture couch room divider

interior design colors dining room chairs dining table kitchen room divider

interior design colors dining room kitchen küchenschreänke dining table kommode

living room design grey metal coffee table couch carpet living room

interior design children's living room built-in bookshelves

apartment loft interior design room divider holzmöbe ethno carpet

apartment loft interior design spiral staircase built-in shelf-wide sofa

interior design loft apartment living room dining area staircase banisters s

raumtrenner interior design bookshelves dining table sofa youth room

built-in interior design bedroom closet sliding doors

interior design bedroom room divider shelf-wall shelf

interior design bedroom curtains room divider

Scandinavian interior design design living room designer furniture

interior design-white walls Wall shelves bookshelves living room ideas

living room design living Scandinavian furniture

interior design living room carpet runners dekokissen sofa circular occasional table

living room dining room dining table pendant lamp sofa floor geometric pattern tiles

living room ideas dining table sofa white brick wall launch pendant light wall decoration OWL

living room ideas pillows stand lamp Chair couch stool white carpet

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