Designer Carpet – Artistic Carpet Creations, As Natural Landscapes Look

designer carpet indoor garden nature Moss carpet runners rug

Haute Couture Designer worthy carpets

What here than Moss greenery in the middle of the living room looks, is in reality a designer carpet. These and many more, very realistic-looking, natural landscapes are created by the young designer Alexandra Kehayoglou from Argentina. The creative artist used mainly yarn and carpet remnants from their family textile factory in Argentina. Her family belongs to the first carpet manufacturers in this country and Alexandra has the business almost in the blood, if one may say so. After it has completed the Academy of fine arts 2008, the concept of rugs that meet not only their main function, but represent real tricks evolved spontaneously.

Designer carpet as by nature itself created

designer carpet indoor garden natural look meadows carpet runner

So a designer carpet fits in every room and immediately conjures up a tranquil atmosphere. Some of the carpets see rather than forest or parkland from, other than lawn. There are even those who represent hilly landscapes, snow fields and sandy beaches. Especially the longer carpets are then partially attached to the wall and create in this way an appealing 3D perspective that invites you to dream and relax or brings back childhood memories.

Designer carpet and nostalgia

designer carpet indoor garden landscape forest look flooring decorated carpet racer

Recently, Alexandra Kehayoglou took part in a fashion show at the highest level. No, she appeared not on the catwalk, but the models are defiled their fabulous carpet creations. This has made the designer for dries van Noten’s fashion show for the launch of its summer collection 2016 at Paris Fashion Week. How did it go for?

Well, you look at everything alone himself:

Wonderful! Isn’t it? It’s like the perfect harmony with the nature.

Also your living room or your bathroom can look exactly. And how about Beach perspective with a fluffy 3D in the bedroom or Home Office?

And if you want to observe the designer in their creative work, then you should watch be sure the following video:

Hung on the wall carpets represent a more immersive and perspective

designer carpet vertical garden yarn carpet remnants

Green meadow in your own living room

designer carpet indoor garden landscape look carpet carpet runner

Or do you rather prefer the hilly landscapes?

designer carpet indoor garden landscape Hill River carpet runner

Experience sustainability in every centimetre

designer carpet indoor garden natural look meadow forest carpet carpet runners

For the real nature and animal lovers

designer carpet indoor garden natural meadow Roebuck rug runnerdesigner carpet indoor garden park landscape carpet runner carpet

Original outdoor project

designer carpet indoor garden natural look lawn artificial grass flooring

Small seascape in white and beige

designer carpet indoor garden pond landscape carpet runner

Optical cool through an artificial snow field

designer carpet indoor natural landscape carpet carpet runner snow landscape

The stool is also a plush green yarn

designer carpet indoor garden natural lawn look stool decoration

Just as the comfortable armchair

designer carpet indoor garden natural look Chair meadow

The perfect place to relax and unwind

designer carpet nature look armchair beach bed