How Your Living Room, Multifunctional Set

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multi-functional living room set up square coffee table in Orange

How your living room multifunctional to set up – a colourful diversity

Today, we present a chic living room in fresh colours. It is a great example how you can set up your living room multi-functional. Look stylish decor and the unique works of art and decorative objects. Can you feel already the colorful, positive mood?

How about a table of four modules in Orange?

multi-functional living room set up carpet with Chevron patterns in yellow and orange

This table consists of four parts, which you can move flexibly. You have additional storage space at the bottom. Books, flower pots, and other favorite items can be out there.

The Chevron pattern on the carpet radiate warmth and provide more dynamic

multi-functional living room set up mirror cookie jar

Comfortable sofa bed and an elegant Ottoman offer plenty of space and perfect conditions for a NAP or for your unexpected visit. Soft textiles and warm nuances are inviting and ensure comfort.

The shiny Golden Shelf has plenty of storage space and looks at the same time very tasteful and classy

multi-functional living room set up open shelf with gold gloss

The living room is equipped with a modest workstation. A small, simple desk serves as the basis. Nature-inspired decoration, wall paintings and writing utensils in glasses give a personal character to the small home office.

The peach accent wall will lighten the mood of the work

multi-functional living room set silver bird statue and lamp base

This traditional dresser in light grey and the large wall mirrors perfectly design to the eclectic living room. A table lamp gives the room an Asian flair with expert lamp base brass.

Fresh, exotic flowers are always a welcome addition to

multi-functional living room set up retro Dresser and orange lamp shade

Again the delicate patterns on the lampshades can be found on the decorative pillows on the sofa

living room multifunctional set up Sconce retired

Placed between two Windows, the TV is protected from the direct rays of the Sun. Hi Tech is combined with a functional chest of drawers in this case and is not too bleak. Fresh flowers complete the TV.

Olive green curtains provide even more flexibility

multi-functional living room set up led flat-screen

Lemon-yellow tray as a reservoir for the remote control

multi-functional living room set up lemon-yellow tray

Small works of art, plush textiles and retro furniture

multi-functional living room set up Sun ornaments on the pillow

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