Lilafarbiges Living Room With Its Impressive Design

Lilafarbiges living room impressive design sofa lamp mirror

Lilafarbiges living room with impressive design – incredible dressing table and lamp

Are these photos of a lilac living room designs by Tecni Nova. It’s a House decoration company which specialises in custom upholstered furniture and has a dramatic and luxurious flair to her work. And what color fits better to the subject of drama and luxury as purple, or? Purple is associated with royalty, great occasions and creativity. It can be elegant, dramatic and powerful. It can be but also soft and introvert. In this case, the fabric has a licence to these properties. We really like to have the grey purple on the wall and a little green as the perfect additional accents. Here you find interesting articles for a lilafarbiges living room with its impressive design.

Images via Tecni Nova.

Fantastic sofa in purple with a coffee table made of glass and beautiful paintings on the wall

Lilafarbiges living room impressive design sofa coffee table

Wonderful chair next to great sofa and glass coffee table

Lilafarbiges living room impressive design coffee table sofa

Great Chair in purple retro-style for the living room

Lilafarbiges living room impressive design armchair carpet

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