Living Room Lamps – 66 Unusual Ideas For Lighting Of The Living Room

Living room lamps – a well-lit living room design

The lighting of the living room is much more than to understand simple elucidation of the living room. The wide range of solutions for living room lighting allow an individual interior design with its own character. We are all fascinated by the cool designs of modern lights, but one seems almost impossible to make a decision for their own living room. Because you literally lost in the jumble of colors and models. To facilitate your choice, we have a rich picture gallery living room lamps created, in which everyone finds something for themselves. Enjoy the whimsical lighting fixtures, which nowadays admire with design and color, and a well-thought-out decision.

Living room lamps ensures a nice space appearance

living room lamp modern interior yellow floor tiles

Living room lamps – create a cool sense of space by lighting

living room lamps rustic white carpet table orange Chair

Pendant lamps could play the role of home accessories

living room lamps pendant lamp wall dekokissen table

Pendant lights hang over the side tables

living room lamps hanging lights orange dekokissen colored carpets

The living room is a multifunctional space where you spend much time. That’s why the comfort plays a key role here. The lighting is an important factor, if you want to create a homely atmosphere. Below, we have selected examples for you which illustrate the different ways of lighting in the living room. Depending on you has what for an area you would like to highlight, under different variants to choose.

Through the floor give an industrial touch to the living area

living room lamps floor lamp fur carpet dark grey walls

Brighten up the small living room through functional lighting

lamps living functional lighting small living room dining area pendant light

Cool lamp shade gives it a futuristic look the living area

living room lamps pendant rustic coffee table Navy Blue sofa

Extra light each area in the room

lamps living room floor lamp carpet pattern lovely wanddeko dining area

Pendant luminaires

The hanging lamps blend the traditional and the modern in today. They are a traditional lighting, but appear in unusual designs and admire anyone that. You want to use a living interior design in practice, rather then rely on pendants!

Achieve a modern look by hanging lamps

lamps living room hanging lamps small living room set up

Hang pendulum lamps above the living room sofa

living room lamps hanging lamp-grey accent wall coloured carpet

Create whimsical lighting effects

living room lamp chandelier beige carpeted wooden floor

Super modern hanging lamps bring light and shine in the living room

living room lamps pendant light corner sofa open living plan

Lighting ideas with hanging lamps

living room lamps hanging white brick wall white carpet

Combined lighting in the living room

lamps living room modern lighting black sofa beige flooring

Wall and table lamps

Table lamps are classic! Combined with the wall lamps are a functional solution, because they all bring light where you need it! Wall and table lamps you can of course combine with other lighting fixtures and quite effectively brighten the space.

Combined lamps and candles

living room lamps table lamps beige walls dekokissen pattern

Very original ceiling design in the living room

lamp living room wooden beams off-white sofa vintage coffee table

The sconces create a specific atmosphere in the living area

lamp living room sconces beige walls cool carpet

Wall lamps, mirrors, flowers… Create a homely atmosphere

living room lamps wall lamps beige shades home ideas

By table lamps Lighting the living room

lamps living room table lamps sofa beige plant floor


According to their design chandelier can appear the space in a different way and manner. What need for a chandelier? One in retro style or rather a noble design?  You have a limitless selection…

The chandelier appears as a beautiful continuation of the ceiling

lamp living room beautiful ceiling chandelier purple dekokissen

Large spaces need to be carefully lit

living room lamps of Red armchair dekokissen beige curtains

Stylish living room design and beautiful light

living room lamps purple furniture blumendeko piano beige curtains

A chandelier adds elegance to every room a can

living room lamps chandelier white furniture flowers

Rustic living room table and vintage chandeliers make unique the living room

living room lamps chandeliers orchids of nuances of blue

Recessed luminaires

This is a very modern way to bring light into the living room. The advantages of LED lighting are today often highlighted and placing them in different rooms of his apartment.

Shed light on the different areas in different ways

living room lamps set up small living room light open living plan

Recessed lights are a modern way to bring light into the living room

living room lamps recessed white furniture long curtains areas

Modern lighting ideas for small living room

lamp living room lights modern living wall dining area

Drag an appropriate lighting for the living area into consideration

living room lamps dark carpet white sectional sofas fireplace

Suspended ceiling

After you set up your living room into a modern and luxurious style? Then you want to illuminate maybe also correspondingly nicely this. The suspended ceiling fits quite well in a great living room. In most cases is combined with recessed lighting and chandeliers.

Beware that no unpleasant shadows form

lamps white living room furniture dekokissen suspended ceiling recessed

A suspended ceiling is a good solution for the luxurious living room

lamps suspended ceiling living room small room TV

Outlandish idea for living room lighting

lamps beautiful living room ceiling cooler carpet parlor

The right lighting can make the spatial

lamp living room ceiling hanging chandelier elegant carpet plant purple accents

You can brighten up even small rooms in an attractive manner

lamp living room ceiling suspended live wall glass tables small living room

Stylish idea for the lighting of the living room

lamps living fancy chandeliers recessed lighting dekokissen silver chest

Nice accent lighting

lamps living room ceiling parlor open living plan cool wall shelf

Living room lighting ideas

lamps living led lights suspended ceiling white grey floor carpet

Select lighting fixtures in matching colors

living room lamps floor lamp white carpet bright sofa

Industrial hanging lights can appear full of character the open living plan

living room lamps industrial look brick wall brighter wood floor

Light wall color and plenty of light create a spacious and attractive living space

lamp living room ceiling suspended beige corner sofa dekoideen orchids

General lighting is not enough in most cases

lamps beige living room sofas round coffee table white

Maybe not very like the traditional lighting? Then put on something else!

lamps living room lighting ideas dunkleblaues sofa wooden table stripes rug wanddeko

lamp living room areas illuminate more open living plan

lamps living room ceiling lighting television black Chair

lamps living room beautiful chandeliers recessed fireplace

lamps living room directional lighting wood floor set up small living room ideas

lamps living room glass table elegant carpet table lamps plant

lamp living room white wooden floor walls table lamp

lamps living room chandelier modern fireplace small rug

lamp living room open living plan dining room purple accents

lamp living room shabby chic interior chandelier

lamps living room floor lamp chandeliers fireplace flooring wood look blumendeko

lamp living room floor lamp plant bright sofas living wall

lamps white living room walls dark carpet blumendeko

living room lamps hinged from luxurious living room ceiling Brown accents

living room lamps floor tiles beige dekokissen TV

living room lamps light beige carpet ledesessel

living room lamps recessed accent lighting wallpaper Brown carpet

living room lamps recessed lighting ceiling lighting fireplace cozy

living room lamps floor lamp chandelier of wanddeko pictures dekokissen small living room set

living room lamps set up small living room chandelier light green walls

living room lamps recessed white sofas small coffee table

living room lamps hardwood floors beige sofas

living room lamps chandelier light purple accents yellow carpet

living room lamps of beautiful chandelier darker bottom bright walls selling

living room lamps carpet red nuances plant long curtains

living room lamps home ideas floor lamp floor brick wall

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