Modern Living Room Furnishings – Original And Multifunctional Designs From Hulsta

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modern living room furnishings knitted stool and cushion covers

Modern living room Setup

Living room are the heart of your home, the Central and usually most visited place in the apartment. The company, hülsta, headquartered in Stadtlohn, Germany produces furniture of the highest quality for many years and presents contemporary solutions for your facility. Watch the following living room designs and enjoy the clean lines, the noble wood textures and creative ideas!

Multi functionality and elegance are capitalized at these facilities. The furniture often fall with their rough wood grain. Cedar, oak or walnut – all kinds of natural wood – come to new life and become real masterpieces of modern interior design.

Hülsta has designed some top living room designs for you who will impress the most demanding of you.

Above you can see the living room TAMETA. It stands for a combination of different polishes in one unit. Wood and glass look perfect together.

MENTO is another option for your living room. Dark wood with coarse horizontal grain is solid and gives more clarity to the room.

The stylish ambiance complements the elegant floor lamp

modern living room Setup Elegane floor lamp and rough wood grain

NEO has many modules that suit nearly every taste and can be perfectly combined. You can always change your Setup, start again and again by the new.

Original side tables and smooth painted cabinets

modern living room Setup open shelf many artworks

Shiny white glaze and light wood

modern living room furnishings fur rug fireplace with firewood

Fancy tree trunk table and wooden shelf

modern living room setup under carpet side table from tree trunk

XELO – more glass, aluminium and natural stones

modern living room set up natural stone wall laminate floor

Louise is synonymous with solid wood and extra class

modern living room Setup simple shelving system and comfortable leather armchair

Real fur carpet and dark glass bring cosiness and warmth

modern living room Setup Brown fur carpet tabletop from dark glass

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