Patterned Rugs For Your Home

Editor   January 6, 2014   Comments Off on Patterned Rugs For Your Home

Patterned rugs crosses shaggy

Beautiful patterned carpets as eye-catcher

It is true that many of the living areas need no carpet, check out but here, What creativity can have Patterned rugs for your interior. They serve as eye-catchers and transform the space as with a magic wand in a comfortable and impressive atmosphere. 8 examples of Patterned rugs in our current assortment will give you practical tips for stylish interiors and you better illustrate how the different patterns and colour combinations affect.

First, you see a beautiful, soft carpet in the Moroccan-style in light grey and cream top. He gives a very cosy atmosphere of the lounge and can also serve as a foot massage-surface.

Geometric Patterned rugs in complementary colors, as shown below, create more dynamic in rooms with neutral background.

So the dining area looks much fresher and more lively

Patterned rugs drops of cobalt blue

The interlocking chain patterns provide a visual contrast in the living room

Patterned rugs chains

The Chervron carpet is inevitable to an eye-catcher and enlivened the otherwise too pedantic living room furniture

patterned rugs Chevron Blau Weiß

Elegant quatrefoil pattern in neutral colours very soothing

Patterned rugs geometrical white light grey

The timeless Greek key pattern is very much like used also on carpets for a tasteful, stylish atmosphere

patterned rugs retro furniture Greek key pattern

Green calms the senses and in this case, grounds the patterned carpet the floating furniture and provides for balance in the atmosphere

patterned rugs curved drop grass green

Soft and three-dimensional looks like this hadgewebte carpet as an enchanting landscape from a bird’s perspective

Patterned rugs of subtropical garden

As you can see, you can achieve a lot with patterned carpets . Consider simply in what room you lay the carpet and what effect you like want to achieve.

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